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Bring a Burning and Beating Heart onto Your Desktop with Fire Heart Desktop Gadget!


Lots of desktop customization tools are actually eye candies which are nothing more than wasting your hard disk space. However, some of them actually are pretty cool or at least useful enough to merit your attention or even using it on a long-term basis.

Here is a rather simple but realistically beautiful desktop customization tool for any users bored with their static desktop. Fire Heart is an animated, beautiful desktop gadget that beats and burns right on your desktop. Simple as that, actually. Fire Heart is developed by Laconic Software and has actually been around for quite some times; in fact, the first time I learnt of this desktop gadget is some two years ago. However, it is definitely not your average desktop gadget and customization tool.

Fire Heart is very customizable. Users can change some attributes, for example, the size of the burning heart, the size of the heart’s flame, the option of letting the heart beat or not, the option of adding or disabling reflection, the option of letting it stay above any open windows and move it anywhere around the desktop.

While I’ve been talking about how customizable Fire Heart is, I have yet to mention how Fire Heart can be useful in daily life. As a desktop gadget, Fire Heart can act as a pretty special shortcut for launching virtually any program or file/folder. Users can choose to assign a program/file/folder launch path for Fire Heart, making it an item launcher as well as a customization tool. Without the launch path specified, Fire Heart will show the default image file. Aside from all that, it will just stay quietly but animatedly on your desktop, with a bright flame burning over a big red heart that never seems to die away.

Fire Heart is freeware and it works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and all Windows Server editions. It also runs fine on a 32-bit Windows 7 as tested by me, although the website says it is not supported.

Download Fire Heart Desktop Gadget by clicking on the link.


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Hi James, you are a nice addition to computelogy. I hope to hear you on good topics like techgeek.


James is a very nice guy. He is very helpful. He is a FULL MOON of COMPUTELOGY. He is writing about software issues instead of software. I like his style of writing. Thanks James.


That is some nice encouragement, Ali. Thanks a bunch…always happy to share!

Asante john

You guys have done a great job…please do well to create the same thing for Android too.I know you can do it.Else only Windows users are enjoying your great work. Please try.try……..

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