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The Aviassin Freeware Project: No More Paying for Innovative Software!


I have been thinking for a long time whether I should just handpick one of Aviassin’s software to write on, but later decided that it would be appropriate to mention all software, since all software are interesting, plus Aviassin is an open freeware project, meaning that all levels of users can participate in the development of these software.

The Aviassin Project is actually a team of software developers dedicating themselves to creating innovative new software free for use, simply because they, like us, hate big companies charging software that should be free. The development team stressed that no spywares and adwares are bundled with their products, which I deemed quite true after trying all their software myself, and they also stated that they will continue developing new software apart from their current software projects.

Here is a list of their currently available and developing software:

1.    Superbar Savior

Superbar Saviour is a small application for Windows 7 which aims to fix issues or enhance functionality of the current Windows 7 Superbar. It can be used with the taskbar on any side of the screen and with any taskbar size. Only a tiny amount of RAM & CPU power is used, so it will not noticeably affect PC performance while open. Users can do a lot of things with Superbar Savior, for example, middle-clicking to close windows, double-click on Superbar window to open similar window and drop files on Superbar icon to open them.
Superbar Savior works with all version of Windows 7, including the Beta and RC release version.

2.    iPhone Drift


iPhone Drift is a web browser emulating the looks of an Apple iPhone. This is a great news for users who loves Apple’s flagship products. Users can easily browse the web, check out how the web page will look like on a real iPhone and many more interesting iPhone-like features, such as rotating the web browser to view it in landscape or portrait mode, use Google Maps and Youtube on its homepage screen and many more.
iPhone Drift comes at a small file size with less than 1MB installation package, plus it works on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 is required to run this software.

3.    Taskbar Eliminator


Aviassin Taskbar Eliminator is a great utility which will simply and efficiently remove the taskbar from Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

With just the click of a button or a hotkey, the taskbar is disabled from any side of the screen, providing the freedom to use any dock application, increase local computer security, or allow all sorts of Windows customizations. The taskbar can be toggled on and off in real-time, providing the flexibility to quickly view the taskbar to perform an action.

The application interface is simple and easy to understand, allowing it to be used by even the most novices of users. Simply press and hold Control+Alt+T to bring up the Preferences window, from which all options can be adjusted. Press and hold Alt + T to immediately show or hide the taskbar directly. It can also be set to run during Windows startup so users can hide it immediately when the log in to their desktops.

4.    iCalcy

Another good software for Apple fans who uses Windows: iCalcy looks and acts exactly the same as the iPhone 3G or iPod Touch calculator does, allowing you to perform all standard calculator operations on Windows. iCalcy is a standalone application, meaning that it is portable and so, users don’t have to install it to use it!

You can rotate iCalcy into either portrait or landscape orientation, just like an iPhone. Scientific calculation functions are not available, though the team promised that it will be added in later version. Until then, Vista and 7 users wanting scientific calculators are better off with the Windows Calculator.

5.    Edgeswap

Aviassin EdgeSwap is a task-switcher for Windows, allowing you to switch between windows simply by moving your cursor to the top left edge of the screen. This creates an entirely unique Windows experience, allowing users to move effortlessly and quickly between their open programs. When in use with Windows Vista or Windows 7, EdgeSwap displays live thumbnail images to choose between open windows, and shows application icons in Windows XP.

Just hold your mouse cursor in the top left edge of the screen until the window you wish to open is highlighted, then move your cursor away to open that window.

6.    PaintRibbon

Aviassin Paintribbon is a third-party drawing and application for Windows which imitates the Windows 7 Paint interface, utilizing the ribbon interface first seen in Office 2007. Like Windows 7’s Paint, Paintribbon offers users all the basic drawing capabilities including various shapes (line, circle, square and star shapes), different line widths, a variety of fill and stroke colour options plus the ability to move drawn shapes.

Paintribbon however, has a few issues that need to be ironed out. Currently the 0.1.5 version of Paintribbon can only open and save .pic (pict) image files, although it is stated that additional file types will be supported in later releases. All buttons present in the ribbon in Windows 7 Paint are displayed in paintribbon so as to replicate the interface, however only a limited number of buttons are fully functional in version 0.1.5.
PaintRibbon works on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Microsoft .NET Framework is required to run the software.

Aviassin Development Team had also opened a forum at their site to encourage user feedbacks and bug report. Currently, my favourite Aviassin software is Edgeswap which I find more convenient than the ALT+ TAB function, especially if my hands are not on the keyboard. All in all, I like where all this team’s software is heading and wish the Aviassin Project a healthy and innovative future! 

Visit the Aviassin Project website and download your favourite freeware of theirs!


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