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Sharpen and Enlarge Pictures Upto 3000% with SmillaEnlarger


You guys have read my article about BlueFive PIXResizer and Image Watermarker which are small but very useful tools. And now is SmillaEnlarger which is small in size but rich in working, a lite weight, speedy, effective, and efficient tool which can enlarge your pictures up-to 3000% of original size of the picture. This is one of those many small tools which have gotten place into my laptop and now are in permanent use.

The working with this tool is very easy. Every step is clear on screen. You do not need much time to think OH! how I can do this, han, what to next? Being Usability and Accessibility adviser, I must say one thing that they have tried to make this tool as simple as possible.

It gives you two main functions; you can simply enlarge and sharpen the whole picture or you can select a part of it and can work on it. It also let you crop a part of your picture. You can do about 22 times cropping into cropping and de-cropping on one picture.

It provides you two ways to do zooming; You can move bar-button from left to right to zoom in upto 3000% or can move to left as minimum as 1%. Or, you can give pixel measurements in width and height. You should know this whatever your pixel measurements, the size of picture can never increase than 3000% of total size.

If you are zooming in to see a particular part of your picture, first you have to select that part through your mouse pointer and then you have some functions to make it sharp and clear. The functions are Sharpness (0-100), PreSharpness (0-100), DeNoise (0-100), Flatness (0-100), Dithering (0-100) and FractNoise (0-100) where 0 is minimum value and 100 is maximum value.

You can save your enlarged picture as well as cropped part of the picture. In help, every function is described clearly. Its help is not a big file, just few hundred words not even thousand. It does not need installation. Simply, download it and run it to use. You can access download page here:


Enjoy it.


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