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Read Free Magazine Publications Online with MAGMe!


We can do a lot of things online, but have you ever considered reading a free magazine online? Sure, you can find a lot of website who publish magazines for subscribed readers. However, users must pay a subscription fee in order to read them. How about reading magazine online for free?

Meet MAGMe, a 100% free online service site dedicated to users who want to read various types of magazines online without having to pay anything. Technically speaking, MAGMe displays full scans of popular magazines directly in your browser, covering every possible topic from computers and lifestyles magazines to art, fashion, and photography magazines. MAGMe mainly covers well-known publications of magazines, but it also covers some not-so-popular ones.

Most impressively however, online full scan magazines rendered by MAGMe are dynamic, interactive & realistic; it is as though a user is really reading a real-life magazine by flipping across a page or turning over a page partially to preview the next page’s content. All of this realism is courtesy of MAGMe’s brilliant use of Flash to display real-life magazine-reading scenarios. If you sign up for a free account, you will be given the privilege of higher quality browsing experience. If you prefer to read the magazines as guest reader, you are also given the access, although the experience might not be as good as when you are a registered user.

The only weakness I found with MAGMe is its magazine scans’ ‘very small font size. As the browsers’ zoom feature does not work with Flash in MAGMe, I had to utilize the Magnifying utility of Windows 7 to read the words properly.

MAGMe is currently still in beta and you can expect minor glitches and bugs here and there. Still, Magme is a nice, free service on which I think is useful if you love reading. Of course, if you are using the contents of MAGMe’s magazines and are therefore required to quote them in a reference list, you are also given the ability to copy its link and refer to its page easily!

Visit MAGMe’s official site here and start reading!


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