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Manage Your Contacts with Open Contacts Free


It is very difficult to manage an address book specially when you have hundreds of contacts. If you are working in sales and service department, it is a headache to find the right contact at right time. There are many free programs are available to manage your contacts but Open Contact is of different type.

[Image Deleted]Open Contacts is an advanced address book program for managing contact info of individuals and organizations with relationships. The program was designed for people who need more beyond legacy address book programs in order to improve dynamic interactions with contacts.

* Store details in sections of data fields that are dynamically customizable, with predefined data fields.
* Associate individuals with organizations, and link organizations with departments or subsidiaries.
* Categorize contacts in hierarchy trees, and list contacts of subcategories recursively.
* Search contacts info through any data field.
* Dynamic shortcuts to telephony, Skype, emailing or Web/File browsing.
* Print contact info with built-in functions or external label printing programs.
* Import contact info from MS Outlook, Outlook Express (WAB), Eudora, Netscape/Mozilla/Portable Thunderbird, XML, CSV and vCard.
* Export contact info to indented text, CSV, Excel and XML.
* Attach files and photo to contacts.
* Map service with Google Map.
* Support multilingual features.
* The program is small and green enough to run on a memory stick.
* Native supports for multiple users in Local Area Network.
* Unlimited data fields to store any contact info. Along with predefined fields, you may add unlimited data fields grouped by section.
* Manage relationships between individuals, organizations and departments.
* Comprehensive Categories. You may click on a category to view contacts of the category, or right click to list contacts of subcategories recursively.
* Search through any data field, and search birthday of people.
* Interact with Windows applications of telephony, Skype, emailing or Web/File browsing etc.
* Map service with Google Maps. You may use either single line address or multi-line address. Yahoo Maps and Microsoft Live Maps are also supported through custom action plug-in programs.
* Print contact info and labels on papers of different sizes.
* Import from MS Outlook, Outlook Express (WAB), Eudora, Netscape/Mozilla Thunderbird, XML (xCard), CSV, LDIF, Vista and vCard.
* Export to indented text, CSV, Excel, vCard, XML (xCard), HTML, hCard and XFN (XHTML Friends Network).
* Portable. You may bring your address book database and the program in an external device such as a USB flash disk, and run the program on any Windows PC.
* LAN supports for multiple users in Local Area Network, using true Client/Server architecture.

It will work on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Click Here to go to home page. Look the following map for better understanding of Open Contacts.


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