MalAware is a new Cloud Virus Scanner from A-Squared


Cloud security is slowly but surely becoming the trend for security applications. First we have Panda developing Panda Cloud Antivirus, then we have Trend Micro working on cloud detection and removal, resulting in Trend Micro Security Beta which was recently completed. Next, F-Secure joins in the fray by announcing that their 2010 products contains elements of cloud protection. New companies such as Immunet now also take this as an opportunity to enter the security software market by introducing Immunet Protect.

A-Squared is the most recent company joining this competition. Recently, they announced the beta version of their first-ever cloud security, MalAware on their official site. According to the official website, the basic idea of developing MalAware is to have an incredibly lightweight tool (revealed as less than 1 MB in size) which at the meantime, can do enough to merit as a really good virus scanner. However, it is important to note that MalAware do not remove malwares from your PC; it only serves as a scanner. MalAware does not require installation to run; thus it is also a portable application.

Although MalAware comes with some basic signature detection in its file, most of the scanning jobs are done in the cloud.The cloud-based scanner will scan a PC‘s processes, memory and file for infections. Although it sound impossible, MalAware scans at a faster rate than the normal A-Squared product and is just as accurate as the normal product as well. If it discover signs of infections during its scans, it will introduce you to download the free version of A-Squared or the paid-for version of A-Squared Antimalware so as to remove the infections.

MalAware runs with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and all Server versions of Windows, and it requires a minimum 50MB of memory during scanning. Users with 512MB of RAM are considered meeting the requirement of MalAware. MalAware are also designed to run with other existing antivirus software.

Download MalAware now by clicking on the download link.


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