Intruders vs Protectors


Do not think that I am going to have some competition between Intruders (coder, hacker, cracker, attacker, etc.) and Protectors (computer security software and hardware vendors, etc.). I have some idea in my mind and I want you to explain what you say on the matter which I will explain in below paragraphs. Say what is your point in your mind. I can not write the whole discussion here because it will be interesting if I tell you something.

Once, I was taking part in a group conversation about the Intruders and Protectors. There was nothing about to stand at one side. Every person was allowed to stand on both sides. All were against Intruders. They were downgrading Intruders morally and ethically. They called them mentally sick personalities. Some of participators wanted to sentenced them in prison for many years. And some wanted to put them in lunatic asylums. About 95% participants were standing on Protectors side. They were praising them for protection. Putting sacks of arguments in favor of Protectors like saver, life giver, gods, bla bla bla, etc.

I, too, wanted to speak in favor of Protectors but when I saw this situation, I thought to put my weight in Intruder’s sack. I told the others that they pay for protection. They did not get it free. These billion dollar protection industry sucks them. If, by luck, they got one protection free, they had to pay for other to get complete protection. On other hand, it was also came in front that these Protectors created Malware to sale the protection by unfair means. I showed them that there were many companies spamming the e-Mail subscribers e.g. Webroot did this and still doing. I said that Intruders, in fact, were protectors. They told us that what security flaws we had. They point out security weaknesses. They always motivate us to have better than before security. I told them, “if we hire these Intruders, they can make us more secure than Protectors”.

Protectors always follow Intruders means they are always one step behind Intruders.

I can not write more because few things were off the record. This conversation continued for over 5 hours in 2 sessions. Now, you have some idea what the matter was. I want to know your views. I hope you will leave few lines. I will moderate the answers below ethical grounds.


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