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Free Virtual Computer for Every Body


This is the most hot topic of the day what is Virtual Computer (VC)? Simply, we can say Virtual Computer is a computer which has no physical existence. In fact, VC (virtual computer) is some empty space on Internet which is allocated to a specific identity. In VC, Cloud Computing is used. The benefit of Virtual Computer is you can access it on any computer which has Internet connection. Store data, play music, surf Internet, chat with others, office work, programming, working on documents and lots of other things which you can do on VC. At the moment, you can not compare VC to your physical computer but , no doubt, in the coming future, you can do. It looks like Google Chrome OS will also have some services which will be provide through Virtual Computing.

G.ho.st (pronounce GHOST), is aiming to provide a Virtual Computer to every body. G.ho.st is using cloud computing to provide their services. Just after one day, G.ho.st will be in beta phase (currently in alpha phase). There are some news that they will provide double virtual space to every VC when they will remove beta label. Current virtual space is 15GB for every body which can be increased by 5GB if you refer somebody and that one creates account on Ghost VC. This means each time you will get 5GB more when new person creates account with your reference. G.ho.st is using the best data safety service from Amazon and VeriSign which ensures the security of your data.


* You can access desktop, files, apps and settings from any Internet browser
* Desktop and apps run without the need for installation or updating
* 20+ available languages and customization of your desktop
* Share or publish your files directly from the G.ho.st® Drive
* G.ho.st® has chosen the very best available storage service for your precious data – Amazon Web Services
* Read, write and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations using G.ho.st® integrations with Zoho, directly from your G.ho.st® Storage
* Edit Google Docs, sheets and presentations stored at Google from within G.ho.st®
* 15GB professionally hosted and backed-up disk space
* Many file types can be viewed or edited online with a simple double-click
* Upload and sync your documents, photos and music easily using the G.ho.st® Upload Download Utility, Sync program or FTP
* Manage your e-mails, calendar and contacts with the Web’s leading collaboratoin suite
* You will receive a YourGhostID@G.ho.st email and can retrieve other emails as well (using “POP3”)
* Manage smart shortcuts called Tagged Things to Web resources – webmarks (URLs), files, photos, videos, music, products
* Single sign-on to other services such as Google Docs using My Logins
* The G.ho.st® Virtual File System shows you G.ho.st® Drive files, Google Docs files and other Web files all in one place
* Yes G.ho.st® runs within the browser but also contains a browser of it’s own! Whichever computer you are on, the G.ho.st® Browser will have your history, your webmarks, and your “cookies” so that other sites will recognize you

There is one interesting thing that sharing is public as well as private. This is interesting feature which I have not checked, yet. Current no. of publicly available files are 187899. I can not say anything about its sharing facility would be a substitute of famous sharing methods or not. Have to wait. Access G.ho.st here.


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How is g.ho.st different from Windows Azure…? If i'm not mistaken, both can be classified as cloud OS right?


It looks so interesting. Will try when I'm free. Oh ya, according to the last time problem, the you installer doesn't remove it. So I email the cyberlink guys and finally I solved the problem. Thanks again for your help anyway. Greatly appreciated. I have a new problem and I have google it and can't… Read more »

Montasser Abdellatif

Thanks for this nice coverage. Please continue loging to G.ho.st at http://g.ho.st from any browser and http://g.ho.st/m from a mobile version.Thanks


@ FatCat – Read the following two articleshttp://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-320218.htmlhttp://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=3347

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