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EMCO Network Software Scanner to Audit Installed Apps in Windows Networks

 Author: EMCO SoftwareSize: 42.2 MBLicense: FreewareRequires: Windows7/Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows 10   EMCO Network Software Scanner is designed to perform basic software audit operations in local networks. You can use it to extract information about installed software from PCs located in Windows domains and workgroups. All operations with network PCs are performed remotely and invisible for end users. No client installation or special configuration are required to collect software inventory data remotely from network PCs. [Read also: How-to Find The Best VPN Service Provider] How does the software audit process work?…

Network Forensics eBook Cover Title Page

Network Forensics eBook Free Till Dec 18 [Save $32]

Network Forensics provides a uniquely practical guide for IT and law enforcement professionals seeking a deeper understanding of cybersecurity. This book is hands-on all the way—by dissecting packets, you gain fundamental knowledge that only comes from experience. Real packet captures and log files demonstrate network traffic investigation, and the learn-by-doing approach relates the essential skills that traditional forensics investigators may not have. From network packet analysis to host artifacts to log analysis and beyond, this book emphasizes the critical techniques that bring evidence to light. [Read also: All Autodesk Software…