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Free CityMaps2Go Pro Offline Maps for Android & iOS


Right now you can get free CityMaps2Go Pro Offline Maps for Android and iOS devices from respective App stores. Of course, for Android go Google Play and for iOS go to Apple App Store. Promo / Coupon code given at the end of this post.

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CityMaps2Go Pro is your reliable and easy-to-use global travel companion. Find directions with detailed offline maps, in-depth travel content, popular attractions and insider tips.

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Use CityMaps2Go Pro to plan and have the perfect trip! Book your hotel and enjoy restaurant reviews and shared user content.

With this CityMaps2Go Pro version you can enjoy a completely AD-FREE version of the popular travel app. Alternatively, a free version is available on the Play Store as well.

Use this CityMaps2Go Pro offline map app and you will never have to carry around a paper city map or guide book. No matter whether you travel to top destinations in the USA, Europe or Asia. Have reliable, interactive offline maps always available in your pocket.

To get CityMaps2Go Pro, you need to download CityMaps2Go Offline Maps [free] from Google Play or Apple App Store. Links given below. After install, go to Settings and open Redeem Code. There use promo/coupon code PROSUPP and that’s it. It will take just a couple of seconds and your free CityMap2Go will be converted to CityMap2Go Pro.

Google Play:

CityMaps2Go Offline maps
CityMaps2Go Offline maps
Developer: CityMaps2Go
Price: Free

Apple App Store

‎CityMaps2Go – Offline Maps
‎CityMaps2Go – Offline Maps
[Timeline: First Published: December 7, 2018, Updated: January 15, 2020]

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