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When I was kid, I was a bit naughty. So, elders always tried to scared me that a Monster will come and take me away. But watching cartoons did not let them scared me of any monster. When I grew up and my reading expanded to other non-academic subjects, I found that scaring kids with monster has negative effects on kids mentality growth.

But, now the miracle of Internet (should I call Mr. Internet Saint) is wide spread. Kids know a lot more than what I did in my childhood. Definitely, they are aware of monsters. Monsters exists or not, not the question here. Let your kids know more about monsters. Let them handle the monsters. Let them play Where’s My Monster?. Where’s My Monster? app is free right now on Google Play.

Where’s my Monster? Help Mother to find Monster! Is he behind the door? Or under the stairs? Inside the closet or sat on the chair?

Journey through this interactive book and read along or push the words to hear the narration. Pull to open the door, drawers, closet and many more hiding places before finding Mother’s Monster.

Music and narration by Bob Schneider.

The app is free at the time of writing this article. Also, app asks for full network access permissions, that’s bit strange.

Where's My Monster?
Where's My Monster?
Developer: sofake
Price: $1.99


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