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Free Photoshop for Photographers Beginner to Professional Course @Udemy (100% Discount)


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Photoshop for Photographers Beginner to Professional

Learn and Master Photoshop for Photographers Beginner to Professional in this Udemy course and became an advanced user and create outstanding images which you have dreamed for.

The banner image in this post is manipulated using Screenshot Captor (freeware), and Snagit. I am supposed to tell you about Photoshop here. If you have never heard word photoshop, google it.

If you love to capture amazing views, and moments. But constantly feel something could be improved in your images, whether they’re landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, or fashion images. This Photoshop for Photographers Beginner to Professional courses is the best place to be.

In this course – you will learn everything you need about camera row, how to process and edit your images, how to fix them, and how to give them extra punch. In photoshop you will learn how to clean background, signs, skin, and hair.

You will learn to edit landscape and cityscape images, work with masks, adjust and master contrasts, shadows, and highlights. You will learn the basics of color harmony, and how to apply it to your photoshop work. How to color grade your image and how to work selectively with each color.

You will also learn the basics of composing – just to make sure your images will be always impressive, you will learn how to combine two average images into one outstanding image. You will learn how to create great panoramic images – even without wide lenses by combining and adjusting images!

After all, we will be focused on portraits, on cleaning up, retouching with curves, working with details, adjusting colors.

You will get everything you want to know about photoshop for your photography. After training lessons, we will practice together on a lot of images, starting from landscape editing on a few different image examples! Then we will be working on a few different portraits which you can follow along. Because I am not only giving you knowledge – I train it with You!

Who this course is for

  • Photographers
  • Landscape Photographer who want to improve their images
  • Portrait Photographer who wants to have good knowledge of retouching
  • Everyone who wants to improve their social media images
  • Travel Photographers
  • Lifestyle Photographers

You will learn

  • everything you need to know about camera raw and processing images
  • how to clean up images professionally
  • how to work with masks in photoshop
  • how to work selectively with lights
  • how to work selectively with colors
  • how to adjust contrasts on the images
  • how to color grade your images
  • how to create warm skin tones
  • everything you need about skin retouching
  • how to even out skin pores non-destructively
  • basics of composing
  • how to create amazing panoramic images
  • how to match skin tones on portraits

This course is free at the time of writing this article.

Access Photoshop for Photographers on the following link.



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