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Download Photolemur 3 Free #macOS #Windows10 [Save $35]


Yesterday, I shared a good image editing software ON1 Effects 2019 free for #macOS and #Windows10. Today again you have chance to get another photo editing software Photolemur 3. You can download Photolemur 3 for free for #macOS and #Windows10.

Photolemur 3 is a 345MB package. The installed software is not complicated to use. In fact, there are not any options to select but the strength of sharpening stroke.

So, to test Photolemur 3, I downloaded the image they are using on it webpage. I used the same image to check how much Photolemur 3 is effective. My results are below as you can see. But the same image has sharper tone on their website than mine. It seems, they are photoshoping the image on their website instead of using their own software. You can decide.

The only plus in Photolemur 3 is, what I see, you do not need to play with options. Just open the image in it, select the sharpness, and the work is done. That’s all.

Open the following link into your browser and fill your name and email address and press button texted Submit. You can provide disposable info as there is no security check. But, you should be able to read your email at least once so that you can have your free license key for Photolemur 3.


You will get email containing license key for Photolemur 3. The same email will also have download link for Photolemur 3 for macOS and Windows.

After installing Photolemur 3, when you will run it, you will be asked to provide the license key and email. License key for Photolemur 3 you already have into your email. And you can use any email to register it. License key is not bound to email.


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