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A great business meeting app is an essential tool in a reunion. Meeting Notes Taker app is a smart meeting recorder app specifically designed for business meetups, that allows you to record audio during business meetings and take handwritten notes (notepad sketching) while recording reunions. After the meeting, you will find a perfect meeting minute (meeting memorandum/business report) already in your smartphone.

Meeting Notes Taker App has been designed to help businessmen, employees, and freelancers, and it is the best business tool for you and your co-workers. Are you looking for effective meetings or for a way to increase meetings productivity? With Meeting Notes Taker App you can take quick notes during any reunion and prepare meeting reports easily and quickly. The best meeting recorder among business tools and minutes taking apps.


  • Record audio during business meetings or take minutes easily during reunions. Take a minute on your own or let the meeting recorder manage the note taking, while you keep the meeting agenda and increase productivity.
  • Master reports writing: write memos during meetings and transcribe audio for easy meetings minutes/business reports. Perfect for report writing and memo writing. 
  • Share notes with your coworkers with this memo recording app. Write memo notes and send business emails attaching your recorded notes. It’s the best meeting management tool you will ever find.
  • Organize notes like a pro: feel free to take fast notes during meetings, and let the app organize your notes. You will find everything right where you need it. Note-taking made perfect.
[Timeline: First Published: Jan 15, 2019 8:59 am || Updated: Oct 17, 2019 05:30 am]

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