Download Learn Mandarin – HSK 2 Hero Free @GooglePlay [€19.99]


Just 6 days I shared Learn Mandarin (HSK 5) and Learn Mandarin (HSK 6) apps for advanced level from this same publisher Handtechnics. I was hoping to see the other similar apps gone free in near future and yes. Well, now the lower level Chinese education app Learn Mandarin – HSK 2 is free right now. You can download Learn Mandarin – HSK 2 Hero free from Google Play for your Android devices.

I exactly do not know if the word Hero is the part of the education system or it is to show the premiumness of the app. The app description on Google Play shows that it is a name of the method Learn Mandarin app uses to teach Chinese.

Well, this Learn Mandarin – HSK 2 Hero has 150 words to teach you. So, this app basically teaches you level 2 Chinese language. This app is designed for both simplifies Chinese and traditional Chinese learning.

This Learn Mandarin – HSK 2 Hero app requires no permissions. This the best behavior an app can have.

All the apps mentioned here are fully free at the time of writing this article. You may see price change and/or in-app-purchase when you visit the Google Play.

Learn Mandarin - HSK 2 Hero
Learn Mandarin - HSK 2 Hero
Developer: Handtechnics
Price: $19.99


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