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I love my babies. Well, they are not human babies but cats, but does it matter. I love them more than anything. One baby is Siberian cat. He is so lovely that I want to bite him all the time. Sometime, I am surprised with their intelligence. One of them can open doors by pulling the handle down. The other can tell when toilet is dirty and asks me to clean it. My Siberian baby can tell when he need shrimps. Yes, he loves shrimps :). But having pets also comes with great care. Regular vaccination, visits to vet, hair grooming, nail trimming, keeping their place clean, and lot more duties come with it. This iPetCare: Care for Dogs & Cats helps to take care of your babies regarding medical issues.

With iPetCare, quickly and easily gather and browse all the information about your pets, dogs, cats and mammals.

For each of your pets, you will be able to simply and intuitively store everything related to their identity and care: name, picture, planned medical treatment (vaccination, antiparasitics, etc.) and weight chart, to name but a few.

The iPetCare application integrates these data and allows you to retrieve them in the blink of an eye. It also provides you with reminders (local notifications) of scheduled treatment, as well as the opportunity to closely monitor the variations in your pet’s weight, thus helping you to prevent obesity.

You can also use iPetCare to manage a directory containing the information (name, address, phone numbers) of your furry friends’ care providers, such as veterinary surgeons, pet boarding facilities and grooming parlors. You can then easily locate them on a map, call them or send them a text message.

The iPetCare: Care for Dogs & Cats App also features useful advice, giving you basic information about vaccinations, general care, feeding and identification regulations. iPetCare also allows you to stay tuned to pet news and to check web pages and audio podcasts thanks to several RSS feeds (Internet information channels) relating to cats, dogs and other animals. You can, of course, add any RSS feed you wish.

All the apps mentioned here are free at the time of writing this article. There may be price change and/or in-app-purchases when you visit the Apple app store.


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