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Get Free IOLO System Mechanic 18 License Key Valid for 6 Months


IOLO System Mechanic interface window

After a longtime, I am getting regular in posting. It is not that there are no offers as a freebie, it is that I am just lazy to write about. Let’s talk about the topic now. I will not rely upon IOLO System Mechanic because it’s very aggressive and I am a careless person. But maybe some of you were looking for it. So, now you can get IOLO System Mechanic free for 6 months license key. The current version of IOLO System Mechanic is 18.x. I suppose you will get all the updates during the next six months of license validation.

My previous findings were that IOLO System Mechanic was very aggressive and the person should be careful while using it. What did I say then:

Many months ago, I have used iolo System Mechanic. I found that it is very aggressive in system cleaning, registry repairing and PC maintenance. You can not take it as light as CCleaner or TuneUp Utilities. You need to be careful while maintaining your computer with iolo System Mechanic. I took it like CCleaner and many of my installed software became corrupted. Luckily, I use Comodo TimeMachine (RIP). It took me less than two minutes to roll-back the system to previous state. Since then, I am away from it. Well, if you are an advanced user, you should try it.

IOLO System Mechanic® provides all the tools you need to keep your PC running in peak condition. Fix issues, clean out clutter, boost performance, eliminate crashes, and much more.

  • View any issues detected by System Mechanic and decide which ones you want to fix.
  • Enable ActiveCare to perform the automated housekeeping tasks that you specify.
  • Remove performance drains and adapt settings to boost PC and web speed.
  • Repair and remove clutter from the vital system registry.
  • Defragment hard drives to improve performance and extend the life of drives.
  • Repair Windows security vulnerabilities that leave your system open to attack.
  • Erase temporary and other junk files to reduce clutter and increase drive capacity.
  • Delete the cookies and other tracking data that endanger your privacy.
  • Optimize your CPU, RAM, and drives in real-time.
  • Customize the behavior of Windows features.
  • Scan for malware using the dual-engine AV protection System Shield®.
  • Securely wipe all data from a hard drive.
  • Recover accidentally deleted files.

Open the IOLO System Mechanic promo page by clicking on the link below.


Login and go to the end of the IOLO System Mechanic 18 promo webpage.  Click on the button texted GET SERIAL CODE. You can create your free account on the same promo webpage.

License Request Button at ComputerShopper UK

Just give it a couple of seconds and you will see your free IOLO System Mechanic license key which is valid for 6 months.

License Info at ComputerShopper UK



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