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Download AVG TuneUp Free License Key for 2 Years


AVG TuneUp

Once there was a time when TuneUp Utilities (AVG TuneUp was not born then) was a must have tool for every PC. Most of the PCs at that time were using platter HDs instead of SSD. There is always an end to a good thing. After that that good thing becomes better or gone to dust, depends. So, AVG bought TuneUp Utilities and renamed it AVG TuneUp. Now, I do not know if it is better or worst, you can check it out. To do so, you can download AVG TuneUp free license key valid for 2 years. BTW, you may know that Avast bought AVG some time ago.

AVG has reshaped the TuneUp Utilities and now it has gotten a new interface complimentary to AVG’s others software interfaces. I think the UI is cleaner now which high contrast in color combination. I do not see any clutter in the interface. Also a few features have been removed like Dial Up connection settings, etc.

I put AVG TuneUp to test. I have an external Toshiba USB 3 hard disk which got some issues, may be bad sectors. Data transfer to and from as well as opening a file from that HD was taking some extra time. I check the health via AVG TuneUp and it recommended me to restart the PC to fix the problems. I did as was advised. Now, that external Toshiba HD is faster than before and file are opening in less than half the time it was used to take. I think it is working.

You can use CLXRDA-DUY5F2-5QL7ZW code to register AVG TuneUp for 2 years. You can use the same code to register AVG Internet Security for 2 years. I do not know if the code is pirated or not. I googled it and did not found any info on this code regarding piracy. Normally, AVG forum has list of pirated keys circulating on internet and I avoid them. But this one is not there, so I thought to share it.


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For some reason, it only activated for one year. Both aplications.

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