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How-to Find The Best VPN Service Provider


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Personal information security is the right of every individual human being living in this world. But, governments, organizations, hackers, and many other entities intrude this right all the time. For offline protection there are different measures can be taken to protect personal information. But to keep online privacy, one best precaution is to use VPN services.

There are thousands of VPN services available either paid, or free, or freemium. My topic is to provide information about free and secure VPN services. Remember! not all VPN services are secure and only a handful of them can be trusted. So, how can you know the VPN provider can be trusted or not? If a VPN provider has the following features, it may be good to use.

  • There should be no IP log by VPN provider
  • No data log by VPN
  • No personal information asked or stored or collected
  • Secure connection and data transfer e.g. AES-256 encryption
  • VPN should have physical office
  • VPN should be based in humanitarian country like Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Denmark,etc. etc.
  • Never use a VPN regulated specially under British or US laws
  • Own physical servers by VPN provider with physical security
  • DNS protection
  • Tor support
  • Any changes in the End User Agreement should be announced openly and clearly
  • Use your brain

These are a few precautions, which can be taken into account when deciding which VPN provider is OK to be used, mentioned above.

I have seen, recently, some deceptive VPN providers giving tens of GBs of data for free as honeypot to lure you to join them. Then they will harvest you and feed upon you. Many famous blogs and forums have written articles and posts about them ignoring the dangerous outcomes for users. I have always tried my best to provide you the best which at least I can trust for myself. And you have seen I will never advise you to join those VPNs. That’s why I have not written a single word about them.

This article is written for people with little to no knowhow of privacy, but even expert can be benefited from it. If you think this is good article, do share it with your loved ones.

P.S. This post was first Published on Jun 20, 2017 @ 17:19 as a page. Today I decided to convert it to a post instead of a page. Also did some little changes in wording.


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