Windscribe VPN 30GB Free Data Monthly (Lifetime)


Windscribe App Main Interface
Windscribe App – Image credits Computelogy

Most of us do not know that personal data is very important and it should be kept away from the preying eyes. A few days back I got estimation of my personal data and it was worth of € (private info). It included my name, address, do I have kids, married unmarried divorced, bank accounts (not bank account number), and a few other things. Now think about the consequences if hackers stole your bank account details with your credit/debit card. One security measure to keep the data safe is only visit sites using SSL. The other security measure is to use a VPN service. Right now Windscribe VPN currently offering free 30GB monthly data for everyone. Otherwise, you can always get free 10GB monthly data from Windscribe.

One important thing to remember before using any VPN is to know where that VPN company is based. If the VPN provider is from North America or UK, better not to use those VPN services, or at lease I will not. Windscirbe is a Canadian company so I will use it only with a bucket of salt. Well, whatever, the decision is yours.

Login to your account at Windscirbe or create a new one if you do not have an account there. Also, if you already have account and your data limit is more than 30GB per-month, this promo is useless for you. I suppose you are in your account now.

Find Account Status in your account, there you will see a button texted Claim Voucher. Click on this button. A new text field will show up. Type PEACE in that text box and press button Claim.

Windscribe Promo Code Apply 30GB Monthly
Image Credit Computelogy

You will see a message Your account has been upgraded to: 30GB Peace.

Windscribe Promo Code Apply 30GB Monthly Confirmation
Image credit Computelogy

Refresh your webpage to see the total 30GB monthly VPN data limit at Windscribe. Our friend Ramakanth mentioned this promo as for one year but another forum it is mentioned as for lifetime. I do not know but I take it valid for at least a year.


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