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Get novaPDF Standard 8 FREE Key Code [no Windows 10]


novaPDF is no stranger to ThePerti readers. novaPDF has been on giveaway on many occasions (here, here, here and more). Now again, we have novaPDF promo. This time it is novaPDF Standard 8. Just remember, it is not gonna get installed on Windows 10 amd64. 

Click on the button below go to novaPDF Standard 8 promo page. Fill short form with your name and email address. Finally, press the button to get your license.

novapdf standard 8 license request form

Within seconds, you will get your novaPDF Standard 8 key as well as instructions about activating novaPDF. Now you have the email but email does not have download link to novaPDF Standard 8. 

CLICK HERE to direct download novaPDF Standard 8 installer. Install it, and register it with the key your have already received in your email.

I do not have Windows 8.1 right now. But novaPDF Standard 8 is compatible with Windows 8.1, 8 and Windows 7.


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