You Need to Shake it Hard: Wake N Shake Alarm Clock App @AppStore #iPhoneX


Wake N Shake Alarm Clock app banner

Just remember to grip hard on your iPhone while you shake it to get rid of this nasty Wake N Shake Alarm Clock. Otherwise, you may drop your iPhone hard and break it. You do know iPhone repair is very costly.

Wake N Shake is the original alarm clock for movers and shakers. The only way to shut it off is by shaking it—relentless. Wake N Shake is the most powerful way to start your day.

We built Wake N Shake Alarm Clock app for people who jump out of bed eager to conquer their goals; for people who who don’t have time for “five more minutes;” for people whose every day is a small victory; for people who wake up earlier than everyone else because they can’t wait to start the day. 

We designed this for you, the movers and the shakers of the world.

‎Wake N Shake Alarm Clock
‎Wake N Shake Alarm Clock
Developer: Wakeout, LLC.
Price: $0.99


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