FREE Jump Start MYSQL eBook [PDF Download – Save $30]


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This Jump Start MYSQL eBook is being sold on Amazon for at least US$25. Right now you can get it for free and it may not be free for longer. So, if you are planning to learn MYSQL or want to have a good MYSQL eBook into your personal library, this could be your startup resource.

From “big data” data sets in an enterprise data center to hand-scribbled shopping lists,data is everywhere. Storing and organizing all of this this data has become so easy that we often take for granted many of the database concepts and algorithms that make these things possible.

This  Jump Start MYSQL eBook is an introduction to the basic concepts of working with a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) – specifically, the popular, open source RDBMS MySQL. It aims to give you a head start in your understanding of this technology. You’ll learn the basics quickly, in a friendly, (hopefully) pain-free way, and have a solid foundation to continue on in your learning.

Within short period of time, you will learn: 

  • Get started with MySQL
  • Store, modify, and retrieve data
  • Work with multiple tables
  • Connect to your database through code
  • Program the database
  • Back up your data

So, click the button below and get your FREE Jump Start MYSQL eBook in PDF format right now. As I said, it may not be free for longer.


[UPDATE: I have just noticed that I have already written about this Jump Start MYSQL eBook a long time ago. Well, then, consider it a reminder :)]

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