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Notebooks for iPhone

Notebooks for iPhone provides you with convenient ways to quickly write down notes or carefully create beautiful documents, store and organize files, and manage tasks and projects. It converts documents to PDF or produces eBooks with just a few taps, and even offers an optional, full featured PDF Reader. If you are into Markdown, Notebooks is as well. 

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So if you want to manage all your documents, writings, notes, tasks and files in one app, Notebooks for iPhone is exactly what you are looking for. What you might be able do in a handful of unrelated apps, or what you can try to achieve in a collection of paper based notebooks, you can easily do in Notebooks for iPhone, which fuses the power of multiple apps. This is what it combines:

• Text Editor and Note Taker 
• Word Processor 
• Markdown Composer 
• HTML to Markdown Converter (Markdownify)
• Task Manager and Reminder 
• File Storage and Organizer
• Voice Recorder
• Clipboard Manager 
• PDF Converter (including encryption) 
• eBook Creator

Its robust Dropbox and WebDAV synchronization options make it easy to share your collections of documents not only across multiple iOS devices, but also with your Mac or PC. Dedicated desktop versions of Notebooks can seamlessly pick up your work exactly where you left it on your iPhone or iPad.

The app is free at time of writing this post. There may be price change or in-app-purchases when you visit it webpage. Check everything before you download.

‎Notebooks for iPhone
‎Notebooks for iPhone
Developer: Alfons Schmid
Price: Free


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