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Not a single day gone without me getting a few emails from people asking to write guest posts. Sometime, when I had time I allowed them. Mostly, I refused politely because ComputeLogy theme was not suitable for guest posts. But, I always have thoughts to let persons and companies write about what they like or have in technology or digital product. So, if you would like, you can always go to Guest Post and write about software, technology, gadgets, etc. etc.

Guest posting might have started a couple of years ago but it was not possible while hosting with GoDaddy. There was no encrypted connection available in the package. If there was any, it was very costly to buy SSL certificate. Also, the features available in the hosting package was very limited and I have to upgrade to the best package which is very costly. I could afford that easily but I had no thoughts to use GoDaddy anymore. I do not want to write about why Godaddy is bad right now. You can read about why GoDaddy is bad here.

The major reason to letting guests write is very important. The technology has changed a lot in last two decades. First internet changed everything in our life rapidly. And the other rapid change happened right after iPhone (1st generation) launched. Then there came Android OS, which is now soul of almost 80% smartphones and gadgets in the world. Not only this, Android is now involved in everything. Old gadgets, home appliances, accessories, automobile, home and out, everywhere you find Android and iOS. I am sure if just for one day Android OS stops working in the whole world, everyone will be one day behind the timeline.

I am alone here cannot cover everything, not even 0.00000001%. Yes! I want to write about many things but I cannot. Simply, I do not have time. But many of you have. So, you are product owner, blogger, hobbyist writer or whatever you are, you can use ThePerti.com to publicize the product, technology, gadget, app, software, or whatever you like. But this all is not without any guidance. You can read the rules and guidelines here for guest post.


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