Darkest Dreams Game Free Now on Google Play – was 1.09$


darkest dreams game interface

I guess the theme of the game Darkest Dreams is here since 1998 or may be before that. Jumping on the bricks sort of game, Darkest Dreams is. What I liked is the color theme. You will see only black and white. May be some gold in between. The music is also nice. You need to check it out yourself.

The other interesting thing is the game Darkest Dreams is developed by indie developer.

As its name features, the game is about a guy who enters his darkest dreams, reminding him of his girlfriend that died in a tragic accident, to succeed in forgiving him self and to forget his past.

Set in a dark atmospheric and sad world the main purpose of the game is to eliminate the blocks of each level to advance in the dreams through gates that open at the end of each level. While advancing in the dark dreams, levels get more complicated by the addition of some obstacles. It is your job to help the poor character to overcome his sadness and his nightmares!

Featuring dark graphics, calming and emotional music, mind bending puzzles that increase in complexity, a beautiful and dark environment with gorgeous particle effects and simple one tap controls , it’s guaranteed that the game will keep you busy for hours!

Important: All the freebies mentioned here are free at the time of publishing this article. It may, you see some price tag instead of “Free” when visiting the store which means the product is no longer available as “Free”. Not being free and you buy or download it, you may be charged with the price of the product. Please, also be aware that some apps may have in-app-purchases options.


Darkest Dreams
Darkest Dreams
Developer: Black Light
Price: Free


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