Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Unveiled: Octa-Core Processor, 16mp Camera, 1440x2560p Display


Today, Samsung unveiled most awaited phablet Galaxy Note 4 which is more advanced and better than before. Did not I told you last year to wait for Note 4 instead of buying Note 3 if you have Note 2? Wait a minute! Yes! I did. If you already have Note 3, you just skip it but if you have Note 2, this is the phablet you would like to have. Here is the picture.


Galaxy Note 4 is a much improved device. It has Quad-Core 64-bit Snapdragon 805 and Octa-Core 64-bit Exynos 5433. This means, it will come with two different CPUs for different markets. Most probably, Octa-Core will be launched in Europe and Quad-Core in America. It also got 3 GB of RAM. Well, I was expecting 4GB or RAM but with 64-bit processor 3GB should be beast. Its screen size is 5.7″ containing 1440 x 2560 pixels means it has 515 pixels per inch. The screen is also Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. There is also a heart rate monitor just like Samsung Galaxy S5. The camera is 16 megapixels (3456 x 4608 pixels). The phone comes with Android KitKat 4.4.4. Unfortunately, it comes with microUSB 2.0 instead of microUSB 3. You can also find 3,220 mAh battery inside it.

There are more minor details about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but I will not go  into that.

Let’s see what I was expecting from Samsung in my one of articles exactly one year ago. Here is that:

I am waiting for Samsung Note 4 for a number of reasons. The major reason is it will have really good specs with better improvements. The first improvement will be 64-bit processor because the RAM will be 4GB. With 4GB RAM, Note 4 can use 64-bit’s processing speed perfectly or at least much better than current Samsung Note devices. I am also sure they will introduce 8-core processor which is double of current 4-core processors.

The next Samsung Note 4 screen size will be between 5.8-inch to 6-inch, most probably 6-inch. With such big screen, the resolution will be near to 2560 x 1600 which is too much but they can do it. It looks like Note 4 will be water resistant and the battery will be somewhere 3500mAH. With big screen, they should support gloves use. I know, Samsung Note series are not made for music for sure they will change this habit and will support good sound quality.

More you can read from my old article: Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Instead Samsung Not 3, If You Have Note 2


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