Free Finance+ App For Limited Time [iPhone-iPad-iPod]


Keeping the balance between income and expenditures is the biggest problem when you are an employee. It is because most probably, you do not have huge resources for income. You will have limited salary and huge expenses. You need to manage to live maximum possible life within the limited salary. To do so, you need to make budget. Now get paper, pencil and start writing, what is your income and where you are gonna spend it. But wait, if you have iPhone or iPad, you do not need paper and pencil, just go head and download Finance+ app which is free for the time being.


Finance+ a best app for budget(income and expenses), currency exchange and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. You no longer need to buy any other applications because all your financial accounts are collected together.

  • Income and expenditure:
    • one balance for all transactions
    • financial statement review on a display
    • revenues and expenses managment
    • comfortable adding of new events
    • filter of transactions according to dates
    • every month review of statistics
  • Exchange rate:
    • more than 164 world currency
    • some results at the same time
    • fast access to selected currency
    • the newest information
  • Notes:
    • provide with opportunity of keeping financial notes
    • easy-to-use
    • system of reminders

It is available in  English, French, German, Italian and Russian languages. You can read more and download from here:

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