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Informative Infographic About Orkut Closing on 30th September 2014


Orkut, once famous online social network, is closing its doors forever on 30th September, 2014. Only three days left and then Orkut will be gone forever. Orkut was initialized by Turkish software engineer Orkut Buyukkokten, groomed by Google and will be burried by Google. It is just because Google is always hyper active and keeps things building and destroying to find the perfect one. Now Google has Google+, which is my favorite board, eliminating the need of any other social platform thus killing the Orkut.

People loved Orkut and for many years it was the preferred social networking platform in many parts of the world specially Brazil which forced Google to shift Orkut management to Brazil. It was 2012 when first time Facebook overtook Orkut in India. Many times it was in hot water but always found the way to keep it cool and attractive. But not any more. It is almost gone. But you can still export your profile, scraps, testimonials, & community posts till September, 2016. You can also delete your profile from Orkut. On the link given below you can find instructions on how to delete your Orkut profile forever.


Few days back Tom Hopkins, managing director of OneProduction, contacted me telling that they have created an infographic of Orkut timeline. This infographic can give you some good information.



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