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[Android – iOS] Just Right Now I Did My First Wake Up Call Anonymously


What do you think if you get a wake up call from an unknown person? You never know who has called you. A totally anonymous person calls you from somewhere in the world to wake you up at no cost. Just right now, I woke up a person from UK saying this “Wake up brother”. I do not know who he was, what he does, how he looks like but I just woke him up. He might be working in night shift or have some meeting or some other important thing to do and trust on one wake up call from some totally unknown person. I got in reply, “Thank you”. Does it not feel great. You woke somebody up and, instead of some anger, you get polite thank you. And Yes! if I want, someone can also wake me up.

I am talking about a new app named Wakie. It is available for Android at the moment and being tested by Apple before launch for iOS users. I am sure soon it will be on Apple App store.

Wakie is totally free of charge. You download it on your smartphone, install it, register it, set it to warn you when someone needs wake up call. Just remember, you need to be in hurry when waking up someone because there must be many others in the queue to wake that one up.

You can also set alarm for your wake up. Someone will wakie you when the time will be. You cannot guess who it can be. May be your own family member, friend, neighbor or President Obama (just kidding), you never know. For the time being, wake up call receiving feature is only available in USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. But it does not stop you from waking up others. You have only 60 seconds to talk. How much can you talk?

Wakie is simple but intelligent app.

Wakie has a very simple interface which is easy to go through. When you want to wake up someone unknown, press big orange button labeled “Notify me when there is someone to wake up”.


On the next screen, you see Wakie is looking for someone who needs wake up call.


You can get it from here:

Android: Open the Play store and search for Wakie. The icon will look like as below. Install it and enjoy it. It is free of charge. Luckily, there is not advertisement at the moment. I do not what is in future.

iOS: Not available yet.



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