Space Settlers Brings Terrific Online Sci-Fi RTS Game Experience on iPhone iPad iPod


Real-time strategy games have always been favored on the PC platform. But for apple fans who want to play online RST game on iPhone iPad, things will not go as easy. Well, now you needn’t make moan of it for Space Settlers comes what you expect for. It is first online Sci-Fi RTS game that runs on iOS-based gadgets like iPhone, iPad, iPod. Accompanied with thrilling strategic gameplay and gorgeous visuals, Space Settlers will surely keep you occupied.

Ssee the official video of Space Settlers on YouTube:

Gripping Storyline

The story starts on the basis of the contribution and prediction of Scientist Hawking who proved God Particle fascinated by people around the whole world can be dated back to 13 billion years and indicated dark energy, named as “Dark Energy Crystal”, existed in the form of crystal at the infancy of the universe and had become the most powerful energy source in universe. From then on, numerous people headed for the mysterious place Terra to get extraordinary technological remains left by the ancient. Thereafter, the First Space Settler Age began.

Fantastic Gameplay

From a technical standpoint, the free multiplayer iOS-based game does a good job. Featuring mecha combat and real-time strategy, this online Sci-Fi game will constantly throw you into intense and adventurous pace. The gameplay itself is what you’d expect from this RTS game. You are allowed to manufacture excellent mecha chariots as you wish, attack fortresses intrepidly, join legion to fight for resources, learn advanced tech, maintain full master of conquered planets, etc. Unlike other real-time strategy game, Space Settlers always surprise you with variety and adventure instead of monotonous gameplay for hours on end in order to make progress. Furthermore, the intuitive interface also leaves deep impression to many multiplayer gamers for they all experience an easy online real time strategic adventure through this game.

Decent Visuals and Sound

This online Sci-Fi iPhone game is not just extraordinary in terms of gameplay but in graphics and representation as well. The surroundings are beautifully crafted and the sounds are pretty good, endowing you complete access to decent visuals, godlike sound and AAA strategy game.

If you want to make iOS-based gadgets like iPhone, iPad, iPod more entertaining, never waste such a golden chance and get Space Settlers for free on iTunes store at:

This guest post is written by Bella from iphogame; the developer of many other games like PetsWar, Super Tank, Pigs VS Volves, etc.


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