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Hybrid Samsung ATIV Q 13.3″ Laptop Runs Windows & Android


Just after the three weeks of  ASUS Transformer AiO P1801, which can runs Android &Windows 8 simultaneously, Samsung came out with a new hybrid laptop which can also run Windows and Android on one machine. Not just the two operating system can run simultaneously, there are some other great features which have not been seen, yet, in any available laptop in the market. This is the trend which was predicted long time ago on ComputeLogy.com.

Samsung ATIV Q Specifications
image source androidandme.com

The new Samsung ATIV Q is 13.3-inch laptop which has marvelous 3200 x 1800 pixels packed means 275 pixels per inch with touch screen ability. ATIV Q has latest has latest processor from Intel, Haswell series Core i5. Its weight is only 1.3kg means it is heavy of being any tablet but lighter if consider is laptop. I do not think there can be any problem with weight because it has its own physical keyboard.

Samsung ATIV Q runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean beside Windows 8. Just a click of icon can take you from Windows to Android environment and then take you back to Windows with same icon click. It has 128GB SSD, which I think is not enough when using Windows 8. You can expand storage with MicroSD Card.

Samsung ATIV Q also has famous Samsung S-pen. So you can have the real advantage of tablet with multi-function S-pen.

One great feature is the sharing of files and folders between two operating systems. Your documents created on Windows can be accessed on Android with proper application e.g word docs can be accessed with  Freeware Kingsoft Office or MobiSystems OfficeSuite Pro, etc. This means, you only need to switch to other operating system only if the program/app cannot be run on first operating system.

One missing thing, which is the must part of any laptop, is Touchpad. Asus Transformer Pad docks has touchpad/trackpad, which is only an Android tablet, then why Samsung ATIV Q cannot, which runs both Windows and Android OS? Touchpad is a must and I am sure Samsung will introduce it in very next model.

Such hybrid devices give users the freedom of selection and environment. No need to have two or more devices, just one and select Android or Windows according to your needs.

Is there any message for Nokia? Nokia is totally dependent on Windows for their future, should they not moving to other sectors than smartphones? Should they not jump into tablet industry? I know they always have best hardware, why they cannot use this ability to produce more than just smartphones? With passing of every moment, they are killing their opportunity.


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