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Right Click Enhancer 2.6.2


Author: RBSoft
Size: 4.4 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win XP/Vista/Windows7

Sometimes desktop of your PC is cluttered with lots of shortcuts. These issue is easily solved by Right Click Enhancer’s shortcut creator and cascading menu creator tools. Right Click Shortcut Creator allows you to add files and folder shortcuts to your right click context menu.
Doesn’t want to add more stuffs directly into right click then cascading menu creator is your friend. Right Click Cascading Menu Creator allows user to add cascading menus to their right click. You can add files and folder shortcuts to these cascading menu for easy access.
You can add command line arguments to the application shortcuts as well as edit previously added shortcuts and menus with ease. There is built in HTML help files to guide you through the process of creating, editing or deleting right click shortcuts and menus.

Once in a while in your daily PC usage you certainly miss some right click options that saves your time but do not worry that problem is solved by Right Click Enhancer’s right click tweaker tool. Once you use it you never go back. All the hacks included in this tool can be added and removed with one click.
Right Click Tweaker allows you to add useful functions to their right click context menu. With help of Right Click Tweaker users can add functions that help them save 100 hours of work by enhancing the common tasks like copying or moving files, renaming files and administrating their computer.
Right Click Tweaker also includes many features those are not available to users directly. It includes famous Windows 7 God Mode hack that brings all the customizable options of Windows 7 in one place. Some of these features are not visible in Control Panel directly. It also adds msconfig (System Configuration Tool) and Problem Steps Recorder to your right click menu. These to options are only available through run command that many user don’t know. It also add Control Panel to right click menu for easy access. EDIT RIGHT CLICK CONTEXT MENU WITH EASE
There are lots of useful applications available on the net but those applications also add their options to right click context menu. This way your right click menu looks very messy and it becomes hard to find stuff in the right click that you needed most. So we created all in one solution to this problem a tool called Right Click Editor in Right Click Enhancer’s arsenal.
Right Click Editor is a context menu editor tool that can help you to delete or hide unwanted entries from their right click context menu. Right Click Editor also allows you to add and modify existing commands of right click context menu. COPY FILES AND FOLDERS WITH EASE
Windows has very useful feature Send to menu but it only useful when we want to copy things to flash drive otherwise its useless. Now take the advantage of this very useful feature with help of Send To Manager.
Send To Manager allows users to add new folder shortcut to their send to menu. After adding the shortcut to send to you can send file to that folder directly. You also have a option to add option to folder context menu that allows you to add the shortcuts to send to menu without touching this tool.
You can also speedup your copying or moving process with Right Click Tweaker’s Copy to folder and Move to folder. These options when selected presents with folder structure of your hard drive where you can choose your location to paste. So you don’t need to go to the folder to paste your file or folder. EDIT RIGHT CLICK NEW MENU WITH EASE
Some times users of the PC do some repetitive tasks while creating their documents. These repetitive steps are usually avoided with help of templates. You can avoid repetitive formatting while creating your documents using windows feature called new menu but windows doesn’t have any tool that allows you to edit new menu. Now take control of your new menu with New Menu Editor tool.
New Menu Editor allows you to add new file type to your new menu. You also have the option to remove existing entries from your new menu. You can add two types of entries in your new menu. You can add 0 byte file with no data in it which is best suited for text files or you can add template file. When user choose this template type of entries all the data in the template will preserved on new file creation. This proves very useful for HTML templates and other formatted documents.



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