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Giveaway BitDefender Total Security 2012


[UPDATE-2] Winners list can be seen at the end of article.[/UPDATE-2] [UPDATE-1] The giveaway is closed. Winners will be announced shortly.[/UPDATE-1] Almost five weeks ago we broke the news of promotional offer of BitDefender Internet Security 2012. You can still apply for BDIS 2012 license. We have also learned that BitDefender Internet Security 2012 promo is valid till 31st Jan, 2012. But, if you need more than security, BitDefender Total Security 2012 should be under consideration. Because, it is not only provide best security again viruses, spywares, trojans, other malware threats, defense against hacking intrusions, protection again ID theft and online backup  but also help you to maintain your computer by tuning it. We have cooperation of BitDefender to offer you BitDefender Total Security 2012 giveaway of 10 licenses.

I have always advised others to use BitDefender Security Solutions for their system protection against online as well as off-line threats. I also use it on my personal computer. Because, it does not compromise on your PC security. BitDefender Total Security 2012 got the best Antivirus which has been used by other famous security software like G Data. BD Total Security 2012 stops all kind of known and unknown viruses, spywares, trojans, rootkits. It also protects you against zero-hour malware attacks by by examining the code of such application. It has Parental Control which let you control over use of internet by kids at home. Instead of going through each element of BDTS 2012 because of shortage of time and being afraid of length of article, I will only talk about main features: Privacy Control, Safebox and System Tuneup.

Cyber criminals are always trying to spy your private information. What could be your private info is your bank info, credit card, email, passwords, IMs, social security number, address, name, telephone and any other info which can compromise your privacy. BitDefender takes your privacy seriously and provide you Antiphishing Protection, Data Protection, Chat Encryption, File Encryption, Secure File Shredder, ID Theft Protection

Safebox is a 2GB online backup solution for your important data. This is quite less than the free backup given by Comodo Online Backup [Reviewed Here]. BitDefender Online Backup can be managed from Windows explorer as well as can also be synchronize backups between multiple computers running BDTS 2012. As long as your BDTS 2012 is running, you are logged into your data backup account. A SafeBox folder you can see on you desktop. Any file or folder added to SafeBox will automatically be taken to online backup.

Windows users are always advised to do PC Tuneup on regular basis. PC tuneup and maintenance needs special care and you need a really good tool to do it. BDTS 2012 is equipped with PC tuneup tools. BDTS PC Tuneup can be used to remove temporary internet files, cookies, other garbage. It has disk defragmentation utility which speeds up your PC response time. It has a good Registry cleaner which keeps your windows registry healthy by removing unnecessary entries and optimizing it. BDTS 2012 also got performance monitor tool which is quite useful to check why your pc is lagging.

If you want to read more about BitDefender Total Security 2012, access it here:


This time Giveaway Participation rules have a slight change. Before this, you could participate just with one comment. But this BitDefender Total Security 2012 is only for ComputeLogy.com email subscribers. You need to have email subscription to participate in this giveaway. Now read the rules.

1: To participate in BitDefender Total Security 2012 giveaway, you need to subscribe by email. At the top of right column you see email entry box. Subscribe from there and then confirm your subscription from your email. After confirming your subscription, write one comment here. One comment is enough. Once you submit the comment, wait for its approval. Sooner or later your comment will show up so do not press panic button.

2: If you would like to do us a favor, share the news on your favorite social site (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Digg, etc), forums, websites.

3: This Giveaway BitDefender Total Security 2012 is only limited to 36-hrs. It will last till 1200GMT Jan 10, 2012. Any comment after that time will not be counted. Winner will get their licenses within 2 weeks from the day of close of giveaway. If you do not receive your license within three weeks from winner’s announcement, let us know.

Each winner of BitDefender Total Security 2012 may get five licenses of BitDefender Internet Security 2012. Read about this offer here:

BitDefender Offers 5 Free Licenses On Registering One License From Nov 28 – Feb 29, 2012

We will use Random.org for the selection of winners. Do not use disposable emails and also do not comment twice because we discourage such drama. Wish you good luck.

[UPDATE-1] Check the list of winners.[/UPDATE-2]

Thank you, I mean all of you, for taking part in BitDefender Total Security 2012 giveaway. Also thanks for email subscription and sharing it on social networks.

Below is randomized list of participants. First ten listed emails are winners. Wait! No.1 and No.10 are not email subscribers, so, they will not get the licenses. Instead of them, No.11 and No.12 will get licenses. I wrote it clearly that this giveaway is only meant for email subscribers. I have made it sure that one person got only one chance to participate. Now give me only one week to deliver your licenses.


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BitDefender Total Security 2012-the boss of all antivirus & security products to protect one’s pc from viruses & other online security threats,would recommend it to every pc user to protect their pc’s from several security threats.thanks.


Nice giveaway…
Thank for this giveaway,,,,
Please count me in…


great giveaway … I think BitDefender has the best AV engine in the world … I would like to get a license to protect my PC with this excellent anti-virus and firewall … thanks for the opportunity and I wish you a happy new year …


Please count me in on this Perti 🙂

Bart G

Please include me in the giveaway. I’d like to try this security suite !


I would like to have a copy of this also as I am currently using BitDefender Internet Security 2012 from the previous promotion and honestly it work great and flawlessly compare to my previous anti virus that I been using which cause havoc on my system. Would like to try the even advance version of… Read more »


Great giveaway! Honestly I am not too confident with it few year ago but I had to agree the fact that BitDefender has overleap many of it rival now as it is now known for its good protection and most importantly, it does not slow down our machine like most other anti virus where they… Read more »

Robert Morosanu

I am using BitDefender since version 7 , would be a pleasure to continue the tradition .

Yours ,


I am an email subscriber, I would love to win a License for BitDefender Total Security 2012. Also I shared on Facebook and twitter.


Wow awesome giveaway thank for giving away such awesome software! Subscribed to news feed please count me in too!



Thank for this giveaway! Please count me in appreciate it.

Hernandez Jr.

Thank you for this please count me in would like to use this for my desktop as my subscription for my Norton is due to expired next month. Really would love to use different antivirus as I love to test different software 🙂

Cheer and good luck to all participant!


I hope to be one of the winners of the promotion of BitDefender Total Security 2012. Thanks for the opportunity.

Linu George

Hi already subscribe, thanks for the giveaway. Would like ot have a key of this. thanks.


Big thanks Perti for this nice giveaway.
BitDefender Total Security 2012 is a great internet security and I would be very helpful. Please count me in.


Thank for this giveaway bitdefender!

Kypros Vassiliou

Great program. Full Feature set. Count me in 🙂


thank you for give another chance to win bitdefender totle security.

nam nguyen

Great give, I’ve been using Bit for years. Bitdefender total is a comprehensive package for protection, count me in

Already subscribed



Thanks a lot Perti for the BitDefender Total Security Giveaway , Please count me in
Shared on Twitter


Thanks Perti count me in

Francis Flores

I used a free trial from BitDefender before (around 2008) and I instantly fell in love with it. Too bad ’cause I really couldn’t afford a licensed one and so I was forever stuck with a free crappy anti-virus. I’m was glad to hear of a giveaway such as this. Kindly me count me in,… Read more »

Asriel Rusdyawan

Totally Agree with You dear Admin.
I really like using Bitdefender Software! Bitdefender is awesome Antivirus till today!
Please count me in Dear Admin.

Hope to win this Giveaway!


Please count me in as this is a great giveaway.
BitDefender is always at or near the top of security charts for a very good reason.


bitdefender totle security
great security

Please count me in Dear Admin

bitdefender totle security
great security
Please count me in Dear Admin

Fabio Leonard

BDTS is great! Please count me in…



Please, I would like to be counted in this giveaway contest.
And I will be surely more than happy to receive it.


Wow, what a great giveaway. Previously I have been using BIS, never tried the total security even once. Maybe this will be the chance. Count me in~

bill ehm

Yes please count me in and thanks to all for the giveaway. Cheers.

Septian Ahmad

I want to fell this greatest of Protection Software from Bitdefender. Please Count me ini .. (Currently, i used local Antivirus (Smad*v)) thanks 🙂


count me in please. i realy want to use full version, no trial.thanks 🙂


BitDefender Internet Security proves to give me maximum security and protection to my system and with this new Total Security to provide enhanced protection and back-up facility, I surely would like to have a trial on it.
Please count me in this Giveaway and thaks to Computelogy.com for organizing such a Great Giveaway Event!


please count me in


I hear about Bitdefender Total security but never used but hope this time i get a chance to use this product.


BitDefenderTotal Security 2012 top ranked Internet security in bangladesh.


Thanks, please count me in.
I’m already an email subscriber.

My twitter share:


Vaibhav Manral

Bitdefender total security 2012 is the best security suite available in the market. I am using free antivirus but now i wanna use this paid software and wanna experience the bitdefender total security 2012 which is the ultimate security suite. please count me in……….I shared this post on facebook and twitter and i also click… Read more »


Love Bitdefender!
Count me in giveaway.


great offer please count me also …………………. please


Count me in please. Great promotion.
Good job done.


great, count me in


Thank you for this great giveaway.
Please count me in.


Great giveaway. BitDefender is very good security product. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck to all.

Vaibhav Jain

Count me in.. I am looking for a good security software.

Include me..Also tell how many keys are you giving away.


Hi, I hope to win 1 because I really need an efficient antivirus to protect my laptop. Thanks

Abhishek Nair

Count me in. Thanks.



pham hoang

I like it, it’s very good


great security software! thank you for this nice contest, relly good software and chance to win alicense!


This great giveaway. also great review.
and great software with high detection rate and plus, we can tune up our PC with it. I would love to get one license for this software.
thanks for giveaway computelogy
So, count me in.


Let me have it plsss!!!

I would love to win something that would help me sleep @ ease @ night!


Never tried Bitdefender products.
But my McAfee is going to expire in five days,would love to have this AV.
Thank You.

Yu Jin Lim

Count me in for the giveaway! Thank you!

Narendra Chaudhary

Thanks for the giveaway.


excellent giveaway, excellent security suite to keep ur pc away from any threats. pl count me in. desperately needed this software.


Great giveaway count me in too. Thanks . Twitter share https://twitter.com/#!/techbala9/status/156303615785582592


Thank for this giveaway! Please count me in appreciate it.


Please count me in.Thanks


Thanks bitdefender for the giveaway

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