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Get Free SysRestore Pro 3.4 To Restore Windows PC To Any Previous Date


One very useful and one of its kind software named Comodo Time Machine which was once being offered as freeware is no more available from Comodo. It was last updated in July, 2010 and sometime ago, Comodo unplugged it. This means Comodo Time Machine is not officially available anymore. I have used it and luckily I still have its latest built saved in my personal software library. You can find it on google. But if you want to try an other software with almost same features, SysRestore Pro is available free of cost for a few days till December 01, 2012.

SysRestore Pro is different from traditional data backup methods. It creates a snapshot of the whole system including all files, folders, software, registry, whatever is in the PC. And when you need, you only need to select that particular snapshot at which point you want to go back and with SysRestore you are where you want. The whole system will be at that stage when it was previously there. This means, if you install something and for some reason, you can not uninstall it, SysRestore will revert the PC before that software stage.

SysRestore is available as shareware as well as freeware. With freeware, you are allowed to create only 10 snapshots of your system but with shareware means SysRestore Pro, you can have 1000 snapshots. Remember, each snapshot occupy disk space.

Restore your Windows system SysRestore can restore your crashed operating system when it fails to start, has boot error, encounters blue screen, attacked by virus… Restore your system and make your PC work in just a few seconds. Restore deleted files If you add your disk into snapshot, deleted files due to various reasons can be restored. SysRestore can even let your preview the lost files before restoring snapshot. Say No to Virus With SysRestore Pro, you are free from potential threats like virus, spywere, etc. since SysRestore Pro would restore your old good system in just a few seconds after damage Multiple Snapshot Schedul There are options for you to choose when to take snapshot like once restart PC or PC start or every 2 seconds System Requirement Windows 8 (32 & 64-bit) Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit) Windows Vista (32 & 64-bit) Windows XP (32 & 64-bit) Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 (Both 32-64 Bit Supported) Processor: 300MHZ or higher Hard Space: 100M or higher RAM: 256M or higher

I did not use it to restore my system to any previous date. I installed it only to check if license is valid. For Windows XP, Vista and 7 users, I still advise to use Comodo Time Machine which you can find on google. Download SysRestore Pro trial version from the following link and install it.


Direct Download: http://download.sysnew.com/sysrestorepro.exe

During installation, you will be asked to enter the license. Use XIA6SQCG6MGK6XAE as license key, which is also visible at its info page, to register it. You will need internet connection to verify the license key.

If you have Comodo Time Machine already installed, you will face incompatibility resulting neither Comodo Time Machine nor SysRestore Pro will work.

Disabling Windows System Restore and disk defragmentation scheduled task is at your desire. You will see this during installation of SysRestore Pro.



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