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Get Free PCSuite Inspector 1 Genuine Key Code [Save €20]


It is very important to always keep the system healthy so that it can work more efficiently. Healthy PCs not only work properly but also last long. There are different things which you can do to keep your PC healthy. For example, keep dust away, keep the system away from direct sun light, monthly cleaning, keeping PC in shade, temperature should be normal like 24C, shutdown PC every few hours to give it rest, open pours in PC frame for fresh air circulation, cleaning all the internal fans like CPU and GPU fans. And finally using some software to monitor hard disk temperature.

Hard disk monitoring is very important because, normally, your all data is saved on it. Its failure can be disaster. You may washed your hand from your precious data. There are freeware available like HDDScanAcronis Drive Monitor as well as shareware like PCSuite Inspector. PCSuite Inspector v1 is a tool to monitor hard disk temperature. It is different based on its features.

PCSuite Inspector continuously monitor your hard disk. You can set the alarming time in minutes from 1 to 60. On every interval of the set time, a popup window open telling you the current temperature of the hard disk. You are also able to do remote monitoring. It let you know current health as well as the performance of hard disk. This all is based on different parameters like read-write, spin-up time, power cycles, start/stop count, spin retries, re.calibration, temperature, load/unload cycles, write error rate, ultra ATA CRC error rate, etc.

PCSUITE INSPECTOR PRO knows and keeps you reliably and constantly informed about the state and performance of your data storage media, even more than is required for security purposes. The program monitors your hard drives’ operational readiness, detects existing or imminent hardware defects and performance restrictions and prevents data loss. FEATURES:
  • Analyzes the S.M.A.R.T status information for state-of-the-art hard drives
  • All the relevant parameters are clearly indicated, e.g. temperature, write/read errors, transmission rate, operational life, and many more
  • Overview with headings highlighted in color (green, yellow, red)
  • Customizable warning and alarm functions (e.g. using sounds, emails, etc.)
  • Manufacturer-independent database containing information about a host of data storage media
  • Special analysis functions for determining the hard drive’s state, based on a large number of reference drives
  • Sound recommendations regarding the hard drive’s current state
  • Remote access to hard drive data via the Internet
Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit version

Get Free:

Open the following webpage into your browser and fill the form as guided in the following snap. Your email should be real because your will get license there. All other information can be fake. In Land, select any country. Finally, press button Seriennummber Anfordern. This is PCWelt promo.

You will get an email from Markement.com containing your license.

Download PCSuite Inspector from official site, install it and register it using the license key which you have received into your email.



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