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Get Free East-Tech Eraser 2012 License Valid For 6 Months


Theft & You: Money is evolving its shapes. First it was goods for goods, then metal for goods, then currency for goods, then plastic money for goods, then online money for goods and now mobile wallet is coming. So with it, theft is changing its shape. Do not just take theft to money. Many things can be stolen which in one shape or other finally seen as money. Think about your data, I mean sensitive data like bank accounts, business data, personal information, secrets including personal and business, online transactions, email accounts, your privacy and many other things which finally take the shape of money. This all can be stolen by one way or other. You need to protect this.

To protect all your information, you use different kinds of security software like AntiMalwares, Firewalls, Encryption, Secure Data Destruction, etc. Every security measure has its own value and so the secure data destruction, too. East-Tech Eraser promises all digital data destruction with security and irrecoverable by any means including use of software and hardware techniques.

East-Tech Eraser: East-Tech Eraser 2012 (current version 10.0) has many features which you may not find in many other secure data destruction software. Many software only deletes from recycle bin, custom data deletion, overwriting free space, empty temp folder, browser cache / history deletion, etc. East-Tech Eraser does all this and more. It deletes all traces created by Windows, all browser data (not bookmarks), application traceable data like MS Office, P2P activity, news and email programs data deletion, etc. Even you can delete data by scheduling task. You better use it at least once by yourself.

Read more about East-Tech Eraser 2012 here.

Promotional Offer: I have googled but could not find any promo for East-Tech Eraser 2012. This means, once again we are the first to serve you. BTW, we have shared East-Tech Eraser promos on number of time like one is here.  The current promo is also from PC Advisor magazine.

Open the following webpage. Now fill and submit a simple form.

Now check your email. In the email from East Technologies Support, you will see two links. The first link is promo link and the second one is to download special installer of East-Tech Eraser 2012. I do not see any difference between this installer and official installer except official installer does not accept this license. Click on First link to request your license.

A new webpage will open. You will see a table of all East-Tech Eraser 2012 releases. The 2nd column is for free download with license. Click on Get Free Key button.

The webpage will reload and you will see your license there with download link to special installer.

Download East-Tech Eraser either from email link or from the link shown on license page. These installers are identical. Use the license to register your free copy of East-Tech Eraser 2012 valid for 6 months.


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