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PC Maintenance with Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 b235 SE


There are no such extraordinary features in Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 SE to force me to write. The only thing is some friends may like to have it instead of CCleaner. All the features being offered by Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 SE are present in the best freeware CCleaner. I will prefer CCleaner over Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 SE. Just for you, if you need it, below are the features, download and registration process of Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 SE.

Disk Maintenance: contains disk cleanup and disk defragmentation utilities.

Registry Maintenance: Just repair the registry. No registry defragmentation.

Software Control: This is a bit handy feature. It has two sub-features: Startup Items and Installed Software. Startup Items feature let you control the startup process. You can handle these startup items at advance level. Installed Software feature is basically an advanced level UnInstaller. It is not like Revo Uninstaller.

Privacy: helps to protect your privacy but does not support/include Firefox protection.

Disaster Recovery: Is simply a restoration of backups taken by Auslogics BoostSpeed. There is no advance level backup and recovery.

You need it? Open the following web page into your browser and fill a short form and submit it. Then check your eMail and you will have your license into your eMail.

Download Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 SE from the following site. During installation, use MAJORGEEKS01 as promotional code. (Note: They announced it as just for MajorGeeks Store members. But it is available openly and anybody can see it without any login. If they want to protect it, they should have it in secure login for members only. I am posting it here because it is open and Google has indexed it. )


After installation, got main menu Help->About. Click on the text Click to Register now. A new window will replace it. Enter the license in that new windows license field and press Register. Now you are registered user of Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 SE.



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