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Get Free O&O DiskImage Professional 5.6 Free Genuine License Key


It is long time since we have shared any promo from O&O Software. In fact, when I googled to find if there is any promo for O&O DiskImage 5 Professional, all the results were about DiskImage 4 Pro on first three pages. I did not search more. I have this promo since one week but could not have enough time to write about it. This article was also started four days ago and yet to finish. For this article, I will be heavily dependent on vendor’s details of O&O DiskImage Pro 5.

We stores a lot of information in our computers. In fact storing data by any virtual means is quite cheap compared to traditional paper base data storage. It is not only cheap but also quick to retrieve info from data, data manipulation, computation based on data, means any process to be done with data becomes very easy and quick. Where storing data virtually has lots of benefits, there are different types of threats, too. Your data can be lost, stolen, corrupted, damaged, data storage irresponsible and many other reasons can be for data disaster. Well, save the data with O&O DiskImage 5 Professional. They say:

NEW: One-click imaging: is the fastest and easiest way of creating a complete image of all your data and settings, including the system partition. One-click imaging is especially useful if you are using O&O DiskImage for the first time, or have not yet created an image of your computer.
NEW: M.I.R.- Machine Independent Restoration: The Machine Independent Restoration technology allows you to perform a system restoration on differing types of hardware. This means that a restoration of a system image or clone can be carried out not only on devices with identical hardware, but on those where, for example, the motherboard or processor has been replaced. You can read more about this in the document “Machine Independent Restoration“.
NEW: Email notification about the running of tasks: The notification feature is an option that will keep you informed about the status of a task such as the running of a job. You’ll also be notified immediately about errors so that you can identify and resolve them faster.
Information Bar: The Information Bar guides you through selected tasks and lets you know what to do next. It’ll also provide important information about the running of tasks. You also have the option of hiding the Information Bar.
NEW: Express View: The Express View presents an easy and intuitive way of using the main features of the program. You can use the Express view for creating and mounting images as well as for restoring drives. Individual functions of the Express view can also be manually disabled so that another user won’t be able to use a particular feature.
NEW: The size of the target drive can be adjusted for restoration and cloning: If the target for restoration or cloning is a free sector, the size of the target drive can be changed by the user to fit the actual data volume of the original drive. When, for example, the drive being imaged has 5 GB but the data on it is only taking up half its space, a smaller drive of 3 GB, for instance, can be entered as a target during restoration.
NEW: A new start page: It displays the main features of O&O DiskImage along with an explanation of what each one does. The three main features are: One-click imaging, Differential/incremental imaging and Restore drives. It’s also very easy to switch to the Advanced start page from where you can run all of O&O DiskImage’s features.
Imaging while system is running: The time once needed for servicing images could have taken half a day and made it impossible to work on Servers and Workstations. O&O DiskImage allows you to create reliable images of individual disks and entire systems without interrupting Server operation* or the user. The Snapshot function with integrated buffer memory ensures that the imaged data is remains exactly as it was when the image started to be created: changes to the data caused by usage or the user do not affect the image while it’s being created. This ensures consistent images of systems without any interruptions.
Imaging methods for all purposes: Different imaging methods allow the image to be adjusted for different purposes. You get a space saving image, if you select the setting “only used sectors”. If you want to rescue data from a damaged hard disk, then we recommend a forensic image – all sectors are imaged exactly according to their structure. This enables a later data rescue with special software e.g. O&O DiskRecovery, without affecting the original disk.
Cloning: By cloning, it’s possible to create 1:1 copies of entire disks or individual drives which can then be used instead of the originals. Cloning will give you exact replicas of disks or individual drives, including the data stored on them, but without creating any image files. You do, however, require a lot more storage space for a clone than for an image.
Job management for creating images automatically on a regular basis: O&O DiskImage will let you set up a schedule for executing tasks. With the help of a useful Wizard you can set that the data will be imaged regularly at predefined times.
Restoration of entire computers and individual drives: Restoring your data is as easy as creating an image. If you want to restore data volumes, it is sufficient to start O&O DiskImage under Windows. If you want to restore an entire computer including its operating system and all applications, then run O&O DiskImage directly from the Start-CD. The additional integrated system rescue tools also offer the chance to restore the original system and identify mistakes.
Restoration of individual files: You can also restore single files from an image fast and easy. Just mount drives from the image as virtual drives. Doing this will allow you to copy files and folders from the image onto existing drives. Making changes to the image, however, such as deleting or adding files, is not possible.
Transfer system environment onto a new computer: O&O DiskImage can also assist you when installing/configuring new acquired computers. After you’ve setup your computer, image the entire system and then transfer this image onto all additional machines.
Compression types: Along with LZNT1 compression, it’s now possible to use BZIP2 on the image.
Handling of virtual hard disks (VHD): To make working with Microsoft Virtual PCs (VPC) easier, you can now convert images into virtual drives (VHD). The converted image can be included as a virtual drive in the VPC, without having to install O&O DiskImage there. Also, images (OMG) can be created from virtual drives (VHD) of the VPCs, or can be restored directly.
Integrated burner: In addition to CD/DVDs, the integrated burner of O&O DiskImage also supports Blu-Ray Disks and HD/DVD´s.
Change computer identity: O&O DiskImage will let you change the identity of your computer to avoid authentication problems, i.e., when the same computer identity already exists in the network. This might be helpful when creating several system images in a network.
Validation: A checksum comparison of the data will also be performed while the image is being checked.
and more…

This is Computer Shopper UK promo and intended to be for its readers. If you are living out of UK, you will need a proxy to apply for license. But before everything, you need to have an account at Computer Shopper’s website. To create account you do not need any proxy. Just apply on the following webpage.

You have an account at ExpertReviews. First of all you will need a UK proxy because the promo is bound to UK IPs only. Google it and you will find hundreds of free proxies for UK.

After changing your IP to UK IP, open the following web page into your browser, login with the deatils of ExpertReviews.co.uk account details and get your free copy of O&O DiskImage 5.6 Professional. You will also find your license on the same page.


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Thanks Perti, I signed in with my V3 software store info
and it worked fine.Received license and downloading now,
the WinPE Start CD is also included.

Eoin Gordon

Thanks Perti, I signed in with my V3 software store info
and it worked fine.Received license and downloading now,
the WinPE Start CD is also included.

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