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Get Free TrustPort Total Protection 2012 One Year Genuine License


Update: Francisbayer has just informed us that you must activate the license before 31.12.2011. You still have three n half months to activate it.
Update: The promo is still working. You may need to use Firefox and also do not forget to check your spam folder for license.
Update: I have had some mistakes in the article like I wrote Security instead of writing Protection because the name of the software is TrustPort Total Protection 2012 and not TrustPort Total Security 2012. There was an other mistake when I mentioned that no IP restriction. Instead of writing no IP restriction, I wrote IP restriction. Well, I have rectify the mistakes. There were also some other minor changes. If you find any mistake, let me know.

Just some time ago, TrustPort released its product line for 2012. And just now they are going to offer their most valuable TrustPort Total Protection 2012 as giveaway. The conditions are very easy. Not conditions, just a single condition to complete first step of a game which should not take more than 3 minutes. I have finished the first level in one minute and two seconds. This is not a big deal to get free license of a computer security which uses more than one AntiVirus engine to protect your computer. Yes, Trust Port uses AVG, BitDefender, and GFI/Sunbelt AntiVirus engines. PC Mag Said:

  • ProsExcellent malware detection. Firewall actively blocked majority of exploits. Very low impact on system performance. Offers data shredding, encrypted volumes.
  • ConsPoor removal of detected malware. Firewall program control is old-fashioned. Inaccurate spam filtering. Ineffective phishing protection. Rudimentary program control.
  • Bottom LineTrustPort Total Protection 2012 tops the charts for malware detection, but it can’t properly clean up what it detects. Its much-improved firewall is strong against Web-based exploits, but its antiphishing, antispam, and parental control components aren’t effective. You can do better.

Below is a comparison table among TrustPort AntiVirus 2012, TrustPort Internet Security 2012 and TrustPort Total Protection 2012. TrustPort is most advanced and feature rich security software among TrustPort security products line.

Essential protection TrustPort Antivirus TrustPort Internet Security TrustPort Total Protection
Resident antivirus protection
Antivirus check on demand
Application inspector
Extra shields TrustPort Antivirus TrustPort Internet Security TrustPort Total Protection
Personal firewall
Mail antivirus protection
Spam filter
Web antivirus protection
Family protection
Creation of transferable antivirus
Enhanced protection TrustPort Antivirus TrustPort Internet Security TrustPort Total Protection
Access controls
Virtual encrypted disks
Creation of encrypted archives
Secure shredding
Recovery system disk

Just go to the following URL and star playing the game. Wait a minute, below are decoded signals which you need to decode there. Take it with you. It will make it easy for you to get your free license of TrustPort Total Protection 2012. On completion of first stage, a window, on the same game window, will open congratulating you. Press OK and on the next page, you will see a green blinking button titled as UNLOCKED. Press it and license will be eMailed to your eMail. There is no IP restriction. This means, you can get multiple license on different eMails from same IP.


The letter which are coded, click on one letter and then click on one alphabet to replace the coded letter with that particular alphabet. How I could do it so fast? Simply, first of all, I try to find is there any word like TrustPort and it was the first word in 2nd line. That makes it easy. Next levels are bit difficult to guess but not very difficult.

Here is more info about TrustPort Total Protection 2012:



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Thanks for this awesome information perti. By looking recent AV-Comparitive tests it was proved that Trustport antivirus is really a top-notch product. I am gonna get it. Thanks again mate! 😀


Thanks for this awesome information perti. By looking recent AV-Comparitive tests it was proved that Trustport antivirus is really a top-notch product. I am gonna get it. Thanks again mate! 😀


Is there a period for activation of the code or any info on shelf life of the licence?


I do not know. Might be someone will help.


I was officially told via mail taht . There isnt any shelf life like bitdefender. You  may use license code till 31.12.2011. 
Be carefull 31.12.2011 is last chance to activate the license.


Thanks Francisbayer for the info.


Thanks Perti.
Got a license…:D
I didn’t pass SAT #4. My English too bad. 😥

Narilton Oliveira

Anyone had any problems of installation on windows 7? .. I can not activate all services ..grateful


Which services?


No issues here, except for few… didn’t disable Windows 7 firewall while installation, boot is very very slow taking upto 3 minutes on my system 🙁


TrustPort is using 4 different AntiVirus engines, it should slow down bootup time.


Well I spéed around hour and a half , I finished all 26 levels and this fu%$#$% give me nothing . waste of time. Crap.- Thanks anyway for the information man-

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