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Get Free Norman Security Suite 9 One Year Genuine Key [Latest]


Update 1 (27.09.2011): Read update 1 at the end of article.
Howdy? Surprised at the article’s heading? Just yesterday I was writing about a promo of Norman Security Suite 8 and now I am writing about Norman Security Suite 9. Yes, you should surprise. Do not worry, I will not keep you surprised for long time. Before, getting you out from shock, I want to say a few words; words about people behavior. After having said these words, I will de-surprise you.

When yesterday I wrote about Norman Security Suite promo, I was the first to disclose it. Google, Yahoo, Bing, all of three did not have had this promo before. How these search engines could have it? This promo of NSS was in latest PC Praxis October, 2011 and I was the first to disclose it. I forget to tell you about PC Praxis and I also forget to give a photo from Google.com to show who is 1st.

And a few blogger, as usual, immediately wrote about the promo to get the credit. Thanks to Google.com time-stamp which shows the truth. One blogger was so active that he/she (I do not know one’s gender) announced it as their own September’s giveaway. Irony? hon. They even do not know what PCP, NSS and DE mean in the promo code. I have never ever seen these copycats posting anything from their own finding. Never-ever, you will find any fresh news on those blogs. And they have never credit to source. Well, there are also a few good bloggers who stay clean and always give credit to source. Whoever the source is, credit should be given. I want to say more but this much is enough. Because copycats will never understand.

In my last article about Norman Security Suite, I did one more mistake. Mistakenly I wrote v8 but in fact it was v9 which is latest. Copycats just wanted to copy and they did not think about this mistake. Well, the current version is NORMAN SECURITY SUITE 9 which was released yesterday September 26, 2011. To read Norman Press Release CLICK HERE.

Instead of directing you to my previous article Get Free Norman Security Suite v8 One Year Genuine Key [Latest], I will write the whole process here. It will save your time and if you have limited bandwidth that will also be saved. But if you would like, you can read my few comments on Norman Security Suite Here.

Click on image to enlarge it.

Open the following webpage into your browser and fill a form. Just fill the bold fields and leave others. You can give any fake info but eMail should be valid. There is not check.

Click on image to enlarge it.

Use PCP-NSS12-DE as OEM code and submit the form. Now check your eMail and you will have an eMail from Norman containing your license. Read more and download Norman Security Suite from the following address (Read Update 1 at the end of article), install it and register it with the license you have received into your eMail box. Download trial version and use the license to register it.

http://www.norman.com/personal/security_suite/en (Read Update 1)

Click on image to enlarge it.

There is no IP restriction. You may apply as many licenses as you want.

Update 1: At the moment, Norman has not updated their website with new Norman Security Suite 9 installers but it is not difficult to find on there servers. Below, you will find the download links of both x86 and x64 (amd64) installers. (Copycats please show some respect. These are not indexed by Google.com yet.)

32bit (x86) Installer:

64bit (x64 – amd64) Installer:

Let it install fully. If sometime, during installation, you find empty desktop, do not worry. NSS 9 will be installing during that time, too. After installation, if you see empty interface of NSS 9, again do not worry. Wait few seconds, it will refresh itself. It will ask you to restart computer if using Win XP.


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But the new version is not updated in Norman Download page(http://www.norman.com/support/security_suite/). Check the published date and version in that page. Please give the direct download link for v9.


I can’t execute the installer file. I’ve downloaded twice but the error message is the same: “Error reading setup initialization file”.


I can’t execute the installer file. I’ve downloaded twice, but the error message is the same: “Error reading setup initialization file”.




for Norman Security Suite 10

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