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Get Free CrazyTalk 6.21 SE For Photo Animation


I could not find how I should start this article. The reason is very simple that I have never done any graphics designing before, not even with such easy type of animation creators. Yea! time to time, I have used Paint.NET but that is just for creating some banners to use on ComputeLogy. But I have heard some news about CrazyTalk that it has lots of great features and very easy to use for animations. They say, you can create and alter the animations without any headache. Please, remember that this may have a few features less because it is CrazyTalk 6.21 Special Edition. Let’s see what vendors say about it:

Create sophisticated, comedic or dramatic talking characters for unique digital content. Reallusion’s CrazyTalk delivers the ultimate solution to add a virtual host, product pitchman or digital actor into movies, video projects and websites in Stereoscopic 3D. It is easy to simply import an image and let CrazyTalk guide you through the process to bring it to life. Users of all skillsets from absolute beginners to professionals can enjoy working with CrazyTalk.

CrazyTalk6 is an powerful, easy-to-use application that animates faces directly from photographs and images. Import any image with an audio file to bring characters to life with easy audio lip-syncing. It is no surprise why everyday hundreds of schools worldwide, use CrazyTalk6 in their classrooms to animate historical characters, teach language courses, social studies, arts and other school subjects. CrazyTalk6 is a great match for beginners, students, educators and all users that need a fun and educative animation solution.

Key Features:
Model: Transform your images into actors
– Go from image to animation
– Enhanced facial fitting
– Natural life-like head movement
– Editable teeth, mouth, lips and eyes
Script: Animate Actor Voice, Emotion & SFX
– Automatic audio lip-synching
– Puppeteering with your mouse
– Real-time puppeteering recording
– Easy animation with Emotives
Stage: Actor’s Stage & Timeline Control
– Stage multi-actor dialogue
– Unique actor timeline tracks
– Camera system and keyframing
Output: Export & Application    
– MPEG-4, NTSC, PAL and HD
– Flash FLV, TGA, BMP Sequence
– 3D Stereo Vision Output
– YouTube video direct publishing
– Advanced web output

Recommended Hardware (CrazyTalk will have better performance in below recommended environment.)
– Dual core CPU or higher recommended
– 1GB RAM or higher recommended
– 2GB hard disk or higher recommended
– Video Memory: 256MB RAM or higher recommended

WhatDigitalCamera is offering this CrazyTalk 6.21 SE for a limited time only in their Advent Calendar. Open the following webpage into your browser and scroll down to the end of article. There you will see text Download CrazyTalk 6 Now. Click on it to download your free copy of CrazyTalk 6 SE.


You can also do direct download here:


Now I suppose, you have installed. After installation, when you will run, a window will open asking you to register it. To register it, you should have an account with Reallusion. If not, you can click on the button Create Account. It will lead you to webpage to create your account. After creating your account, come back to the same window and enter your E-main and Password to get it register. Do not forget to allow it through your firewall.

More about CrazyTalk here:



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