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Get Free Able2Doc 6 PDF To Word Converter On Facebook


Recently, I have shared a PDF to Word converter from an other company and also wrote about Nitro PDF Reader 2 which can extract text and images from any PDF file. Other than these I have shared many promos of professional PDF softwares. Here is one more PDF to Word Converter from Able2Doc. You need to have Facebook account to get Able2Doc 6 PDF to Word Converter.

Just few hours ago, I received a message from Reena Cruz, a representative of Able2Doc, that they are giving away Able2Doc 6 PDF To Word Converter on Facebook. Being a Facebook user, I thought to try it and grabbed it. I could not test it thoroughly but I do have some experience.

Able2Doc 6 PDF To Word Converter is of 6.5MB in size and it took 4 seconds to install on Windows Enterprise x64 with 4GB or Ram. The occupied space is 13MB at default installation. A single installer for both Windows x86 and x64 platforms.

The interface of Able2Doc 6 PDF to Word Converter is very simple. You will not find it command bar complicated. A very simple command bar and in fact it has very few options to convert PDF to Word. Simply select the PDF file, and convert it to MS Word or OpenOffice Writer. To convert you have only two options; select the whole PDF file or select it by pages. There is no option to select random pages or a part of any page to convert. You can also take snapshot of any part of PDF file and paste it to image editing software.

I converted three PDF files to MS Word and OpenOffice Writer using Able2Doc 6 PDF to Word Converter. One file was of 8MB and after converting, I got 3.2MB file. It did not miss any page or part of the file but it has some graphics conversion problem e.g. very bright (like shining start) images were broken. It missed few layers of images when converting true PDF. There is one annoying nagging screen to upgrade the software to professional version always shows up when you run to program or convert the file.

The overall result is good. Try it. There is no harm in trying. If you like it, keep it. The current version of Able2Doc 6 PDF to Word Converter is

You can access Able2Doc 6 PDF to Word Converter promo on Facebook here:


You can read more about it here:



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