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Free LastPass Premium Six Months Subscription For Students and LastPass Free Installation Guide


If you have many accounts on Internet like many eMails, social sites accounts, Different service providers accounts, I am sure, though not frequently, sometime you may have forgotten your passwords if you are not using single same passwords for your all accounts. But if you use one single and same password for all your accounts, hacking of your all accounts become more easy. Best practice is to use different passwords for all accounts based on Internet. Now the problem is remembering all different passwords for multiple accounts.

LastPass is the solution for your long list of login and password remembering problem. You only need to remember one single password for all your accounts. LassPass saves your all accounts longins and passwords into single account which you create on LastPass. It has two subscriptions: LastPass Free and LastPass Premium. All the info which you transfer to or from LastPass is encrypted and can not be decrypted by any interfering. The only problem is if you have any hidden keylogger installed on your computer, you are dead.

LastPass is handy free online service which helps you remember all your login and passwords with complete security. It also synchronize your stored data, no matter where you are, you connect to Internet, login LastPass account and start using your synchronized login info without remembering long list of passwords. Well, you need to remember one login and password that is LastPass. No matter which operating system you are using, LastPass is there for you.

Below, I have created a pictorial of installation of LastPass Free which may help you if you find yourself in problem during installation. But before installation, if you are student, you may request free six months subscription of LastPass Premium. You must have .edu eMail address. If you are not student and still wants LastPass Premium, it will only cost you $1 monthly. It is not a bad deal.

Installation: The installation pictorial of LastPass is in sequence. Every photo in the pictorial has number marking which makes it easy for you to understand the installation process. First download LastPass Free form the following address and start installation. I have removed LastPass logo from every photo to make photos lighter to consume less bandwidth and to load quickly.


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