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FotoSketcher Converts Your Digital Photos Into Beautiful Handmade Paintings and Sketches


fotosketcher main window

Being painter is the most difficult profession. You need to keep thousands of things in the mind. It is not just picked the brush and started painting. It is a Godgifted ability which can never be gained or produced. It may you discover it very late but still Godgifted. You need special attitude towards painting. You need ambition, reality, passion, attitude, commitment, virtuality, behavior and lots more. And after this you need to have money to carry on painting as hobby or profession.

I am not a painter, I do not know much about it. When I was kid, I remember painting a scenery using low standard water colors and father’s shaving brush. That was my first and so far last painting. At that time, I was 7 years away from my computer life. But now time has changed. We are very advance now. This advancement makes you able to do painting without being a painter. I am afraid, I can not explain the features of FotoSketcher as should be but as it is a very good software, I just wanna let you know about it.

FotoSketcher can make you a painter. You just need to have a few hours patience, digital photos along with FotoSketcher installed on your computer. FotoSketcher is for beginners as well as for professionals. You can create wonderful oil paintings, pen & ink sketches, pencil sketches (black and white and colored). Not just this, look at the below photo, you will the drawing styles which are only available in commercial painting software. The one great thing is you can set the intensity of brushes or pencils whichever you are using. You can have high contrast colors as well as very low. The strength of brush is like you are holding it and painting it live though you know that you are not doing it physically on a canvas.

Clicking on the Drawing Style, you will see the following image.

You set some parameters which you want to use in future, just save it because you have the option to save. This means your hard time exercise is saved.

As I have told you already, I know nothing about painting, I can not explain it like professional painters. But I am sure, if you have a little interest in painting, you will appreciate this software. The current version of FotoSketcher is 2. You can download it from the following web address:



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