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Check Windows Boot Time With BootRacer


Recently, my computer has become bit slower than before and taking almost 6 seconds more to boot. I did not put or remove any software from Windows start up. I was just surprised that what happened? Why my computer has become lazy. I am using TuneUp Utilities 2011 for computer maintenance because it is the best available of its kind. Well, still I am unable to find the reason. But when I was googling my problem, I found a nice tool to check Windows boot time. BootRacer not only tells you the boot time of Windows but also let you compare different boot times.

BootRacer is a tiny program which runs in the background and it uses resources like 2MB. I think 2MB is not much but it is still countable because AVG AntiVirus 2012 Free uses 3.2MB when running in background. Comparing to AVG, BootRacer is using quite much resources but if you have enough RAM you should not worry. BootRacer’s GUI takes 6MB and AVG‘s GUI takes 8MB. Here BootRacer is using less resources. BootRacer has a few features but are good enough to give you a good picture of your installed Windows boot time. It also lacks one or two features which I think should be in the next release.

BootRacer divides Windows boot time into parts: Time to Logon and Time from Logon to Desktop. Time to logon is from the time when Windows starts booting to logon screen. And Time from Logon to Desktop is the time which starts when you hit Enter after entering your login details till all startup and services are loaded and your Windows is ready to use. BootRacer’s History (log file) shows these details. Total boot time starts from Windows start to desktop ready phase.

So, BootRacer is good if you are tuning Windows startup. But there is one very important feature which we all are missing is it does not gives details about processes, which process takes how long to load before desktop ready phase. This is the most important missing feature. I hope, in next release, they may include this feature.

  • Easy installation and use.
  • Automatically calculates your Windows boot time.
  • BootRacer uses minimum of computer resources.
  • Runs under the non-administrator accounts.
  • BootRacer logs all the results to the history report and to standard event log. You can check events using Windows Event Viewer.
  • BootRacer is free for non-commercial use.
  • Works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven/2008 or higher.

To read more and download BootRacer v3.1, head to


Alternative download:



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Been using it since a long time for writing reviews and it works great.


You should write.


Been using it since a long time for writing reviews and it works great.


You should write.

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