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5 Lifetime Licenses of TuneUp Utilities™ 2011 Giveaway With Full Support to Winners From TuneUp Corporation


UpDate: ComputeLogy was not accessible for  the last 24 hours. To compensate this time, I am extending 24hrs of promo. Now the promo is closing at April 10, 2011 at 1200GMT.

Windows maintenance is the most important and difficult task which should be taken seriously. The more you care about it, the more reliable and fast the system will be. Instead of performing the maintenance manually, we have a long list of software which do this task automatically. But not all of these software are reliable and can make your system more unstable.

Question is Windows performance and optimization with stability and security. If I am in such situation and I want a shareware program to handle this job, the first answer will be TuneUp Utilities. Can I find it free? Well, I can find it free or not, I have 5 free licenses honored to ComputeLogy readers.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 is the most advance set of tools which do for what they have been created. You can use it with full trust. All the tools are very important and should be described in detail but the article will be very long and you may leave it in the middle.

Of course, TuneUp Utilities will clean Windows registry, delete unnecessary files, reduce the program load time and a lot more but the feature which I liked is Live Optimization.

TuneUp Live Optimization consists of two intelligent optimization methods that monitor the load your computer is under in real time and can thereby intervene if necessary to avoid sudden drops in performance. Both optimization methods work to accelerate performance – one increases the computer’s response rate, the other the speed at which programs start up – but only when necessary. This is done by intelligently prioritizing the programs that are running. If your computer is already working at near full capacity and you start a program, this program will start more rapidly if it is briefly assigned a higher priority. And if a background program suddenly gets carried away and requires a particularly high amount of computing power, it will be assigned a lower priority so that the programs you are currently using will run more smoothly. This enables work to be carried out quickly, even at high capacity. Read More.

Beth Brenner from TuneUp Corporation has honored ComputeLogy readers and gave 5 TuneUp Utilities licenses to be held as Giveaway. A single license of TuneUp Utilities normally costs on $49. Now you have chance to win a free license of TuneUp Utilities 2011.

Long time ago, we made giveaway participation very easy. You do not need to subscribe to feeds but if you subscribe, it will be honor, too. You only need to comment just to have your entry.  This giveaway will be closed on April 09, 2011 at 1200GMT.

The license will be issued under following conditions:

1. The nature of license is Personal.
2. Support from TuneUp Corporation is entirely available to winners of the licenses.
3. The licenses do not have an expiration date though it has three activations only.
4. The license holder wish to upgrade to future TuneUp Utilities versions, it costs US$29.95 to upgrade from previous editions as just like other upgraders. However, TuneUp does not yet have a release date for its next version. Software updates to TuneUp Utilities 2011 are free of charge.

Do you have any question? You can ask.


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Thank You Perty , very nice GiveAway.


Count me in.Thanks in advance


to bardzo dobry program do optymalizacji systemu.Prosze mnie liczyc na w losowaniu.

Mike M

Awsome giveaway I sure would like a lifetime license of TuneUp Utilities. Enter me in your contest. Thanks

Mark Latimer

This is a very nice give-away!!!

Please put my name in for it.

Thank you for bringing this offer to us!!!


Please count me in the giveaway. Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/PCbasic5/status/55767084331835392


I’ll try my luck !


This is an excellent program,thanks for the giveaway.


Really the best of its category, I am a customer since 2007.
Thank you for this great giveaway !


Count me in. Your site rocks! Thanks for this contest 🙂


Count me in!I’ve tried tune up utilities 2009 before and I gοt a good impression of the whole package.
I’ll give the 2011 version a try.


Nice giveaway. Thanks Perti
My tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/MrGiang1974/status/55776769634091008


“Life time license” Great giveaway Perti !
Good luck to everybody.
Pleasea don’t count me in. I love CCleaner only 😀


Daniel Fenn

Thankyou for the giveaway. Please count me in


Please count me in! Win7 on the way…a little bit lately


Have used for long time. Keeps your PC top notch, Put my name in……..thanks

Syafiq Shaari

Currently use 2009 version. Hopefully can get this one. Count me in.


Thanks a bunch for setting this up! TU2011 is an amazing application and I would love to own a licensed copy. Please count me in the draw! For those who have not tried it it has an awesome turbo mode that when activated switches off unneeded background processes for a real noticeable performance boost! It… Read more »


This would be great to receive. I have used Tuneup Utilities in the past and have found great results.
I put myself in the running to win one of the license’s of Tuneup 2011.
Thank you.

Hải Triều Phạm

Please count me in. Thanks for this contest.


A nice chance to get pretty good program


I remember the first time I used Tuneup U, I was rather sceptical at first but after using it a few times it really did wonders on my PC so it would be lovely if you could count me in.


Please count me in giveaway!
I hope lucky!
thanks so much !


great to see another giveaway here at your excelent site.

keep up the great work!


Wow, please count me in on this giveaway, thanks.


Many thanks Perti and Beth Brenner.
It’s a nice and useful program, I’ll join the event for a chance of winning TuneUp Utilities.


Please Include me in this giveaway.thanks


Nice giveaway
Count me in…
Thanks for giveaway & best of luck to all.


Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I can win the licenses as TuneUp Utilities is one of the best System Optimizer program….
I would like to its Turbo mode features which turbo the performance of computer by tuning off some unnecessary resources..


Look forward to the results… it would be great to have it. Thanks.

Zsolt Koczka

Nice giveaway!One of the best programs.Thanks Perti!Count me in!

chuck (detailer)

I could really use this as the previous version worked great for XP,but doesn’t play nicely with Win7.Thanks for the chance!!


great giveaway ever, it’s very useful program
plzz include me
Thank you Perti


Hard to believe your giving away TU 2011, such great software, have used TU 2009 in the past, please include me in the giveaway. THANKS


Want to use it on my Windows 7 x64 Pro desktop in order to make it feel and behave younger than it really is =)

Please include me in the drawing.

Thanks again, Perti.

shawn poole

PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, I would really like to win this license!! I have tried so hard to get this license! Thank You!!


Please count me in!


There is some software that must be owned by every computer that is TuneUp Utilities ™

Zsolt Koczka

Count me in!Thanks


I have been using Tune Up since year 2008 and found it is going more functions from years to years. Love to have the chance to use the latest version.
Thank you.

Sanchit Agarwal

Thanks for the giveaway.
I need this software extremly that helps me to improve the computer speed.


Count me in, please. I’ve used the previous two versions of TU and like it a lot. Thanks.


Thank you TuneUp, thank you Perti. This is a great giveaway.
Please count me in for this.

Daniel Wawszczyk

Świetny Program.Pozdrawiam

Winnetou Haeberle

Real great software giveaway, please count me in.

Real great software giveaway, please let me have.


count me in the draw please


Today when i started windows it booted to safe mode directly and had some problems to boot it normally, TuneUp utilities 2011 will take care easily this situation. Thanks for the contest


This is awesome. Count me in.

Witold Wojciechowski

Świetna sprawa od dawna liczyłem na taki konkurs , mam nadzieje że uda mi się wygrać .


Good piece of software. Would like to get a license.


Dear Perti,
Back from cricket world cup fever.
How is here every thing?
Kind regards,


Thanks for the give away. I wish to get one.


That was the biggest in cricket history….


Excellent Giveaway Event by ComputeLogy.com.
TuneUp Utilities is a very good software which clean your registry and remove unnecessary files to maintain your os in optimum performaance and stability.
Please consider me in this giveaway!


Nice giveaway perti. Please count me in for this one. Tried many times in different giveaways but failed hope to be lucky this time. Cheers 🙂

abu aufa

nice giveaway EVER !!! its my fav app.
count me in

Derby Golf

Please count me in giveaway!
I hope I will be a lucky winner!
thanks a lot


Please count me in ! Thanks.


I’ve been using TuneUp utilities 2009 for nearly 2 years. It is an excellent soft : it optimizes, cleans, solves problems and customizes without any flaw and does a great job indeed. So I would be very happy to get a licence for the 2011 version.


Thank you for this great offer.
Good luck to every one 🙂


Thank you so much for offering this great giveaway. I have a license for 2009 but it’s not compatible with Windows 7, therefore, I’ll be very glad if I win a license.


Kypros Vassiliou

Nice 🙂
Count me in too!

Asriel Rusdyawan

Nice Giveaway Computelogy Team. I had used this Great Tools to manage My Windows & So far It works really really great except there was any viruses that destroy the program [TuneUp Utilities] itself.
Hope I can win a license for This Giveaway!


Rajesh Ghadye


It is great giveaway, count me in for it.
it is a best system optimizer


Hi, great giveaway. Please count me in.


Thanks for this chance to win this excellent sw.


wow please do count me in… love it 🙂

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