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Use Ninite OR FreeApp To Do Bulk Installations Automatically…While You’re Sipping Tea!!!


A true PC technician’s busiest encounter would be to reformat/reinstall a user’s Windows when their old Windows failed due to corrupted system files, severe virus infections or maybe they just want to get thing freshen up. We are talking about a full reinstallation of the Windows partition, reinstallation of the software that have been formatted away and the updating of Windows with multiple security patches; that full process could take a really long time, especially the updating and software-installation part. Surely we wouldn’t want to spend more time searching for and download all the latest inportant software manually?

Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem, and freeware program Ninite is one of them. Well, in case you are searching for a free alternative to Ninite, then FreeApp will suit you just fine too!

Any simple search of Ninite on the internet will bring up many results, so i will discuss about FreeApp in this post. Like Ninite, FreeApp lets users choose the programs they like, prompt FreeApp for a single installer, and when the installer is done downloading, users can just run the installer and take a break away from his or her PC as the installation works away…without user interaction at all!

If you take careful notice, you’ll realized that both Ninite and FreeApp offers an almost similar range of software, but then there are difference in the two of them; . Firstly, Ninite have an additional category that focused on developer-friendly software which common users will have no need for. Ninite also have a no-nonsense way of going about downloading and installing the software. However, FreeApp gave a wider range of control to users, giving user the option to choose the installation path they want (for example, if users install software in D drive). FreeApp will also automatically skip installed software and proceed to install those that have not yet been installed, whereas Ninite, seemingly blind towards installed software, will continue to install on top of existing software, which does seem a bit weird…

In short, both tools are great utilities that will shorten your effort of having to find and download the latest software for installation.

Try Ninite here. (Note that you can give suggestions on which software can be added to Ninite’s existing list)

Try FreeApp here (Note that FreeApp is still in beta stage and more features and software choice might be added in the future)


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Trinae Ross

Nice article. In looking at both services, it looks like Ninite has more current version of a particular software (example being Google Chrome) while FreeApp seems a version behind in their repository. Not really a big thing, seems like there might be an extra step in having to check for latest versions if I go… Read more »

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