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Use Mouse Jiggler To Prevent Screensavers Launch During Movie or Other Activities


I am not used to use screensavers when computer is not in use. Instead of screensaver, I simply set monitor turnoff timing to 10 minutes. This helps me to save a bit electicity, energy consumption and also an unnoticable step to save our world. You may be thinking my thoughts as fool but for tomorrow we have to do today. Although, I have some very good 3D screensavers installed on my desktop but my prefference is turning off display and not to use screensaver. But there are many people who use screensavers. Whatever, we use screensavers or not, we turnoff monitors or not, MouseJiggle is usefull in both cases.

You are watching a movie, a football match is on live broadcast, you are running some maintenance software, installing some important software or any other activity where you have to watch your monitor continuously but no interaction with mouse or keyboard, if you have set screensaver or idle monitor time, sooner or later you have to touch your mose to off any of both. Might be some of you may not care about such thing but I do. It disturbs me and also disturb the involvement. Since sometime, I am using MouseJiggle.

MouseJiggle is a very small but usefull tool. It is system friendly and will not eatup resources. And you do not need to install it. Donwload it, run it, select one or both options and forget it. Simple is this.

It has two jiggling modes. Simply enabling  jiggle is physican jiggling but it is too slight to notice. Zen Jiggle is virtual jiggling mode. Computer thinks the mouse is jiggling but in reality it is not. A simple, small and useful utility also save a few seconds which you will spend to turnoff screensaver or increase the monitor sleep time. A little help can be seen in About MouseJiggle window.

Currently the MouseJiggle project is hosted at CodePlex.com. The latest stable release of MouseJiggle is 1.2. Get it here:



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What a simple, but very useful, idea! I won’t need it every day, but when I do , this will be very handy. Thank you for another helpful post.

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