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‘Go Green’ Computing with Granola Starting Today!


You might not believe this, but there are over a billion personal computers in the world. Together, they consume hundreds of billions of kilowatt hours annually. Yeah, that’s what Granola claimed.

Green computing has starting to become a major concern of enterprise-based companies nowdays, with greener hardware such as servers being designed and deployed. What we might not know is that we as home users can actually give a helping hand as well…by instaling Granola.

Granola is a software which makes computers more energy-efficient without slowing them down. It is safe, easy to use, and allows your computer to operate with the performance of a Ferrari when speed matters but also with the efficiency of a Prius so you don’t waste energy when you don’t need them. Since it is freeware, you don’t have to pay for anything to save energy and help preserve environment!

Granolo is quite an install-and-forget kind of software; it does not require complicated setup nor configuration to use it properly. Users can always check on the Granola interface time to time, on how much they have contributed towards going greener computing. Issues such as kilowatts per hour saved, amount of US Dollar saved on electricity, amount of carbon dioxide emission reduced and also, amount of CPU energy saved. If you are concerned with how much PC resources it uses, no worries: Granolo uses minimal RAM and almost no CPU usage on my computer.

For those interested in knowing the concept behind Granola’s energy saving activities, here’s a proper explanation on how Granola works. Some people may question as to how Granola can save energy while maintaining PC performance. Granola had the answer to that with graph charts over at their official site, where they have detailed PDF reports on 3 conducted benchmarks by running Microsoft Office Excel, playing a DVD and running a game of Half-Life 2.

We are PC geeks all right, but that ain’t gonna save us from the critical global warming situation we’re in. So let’s do our part, and start going greener computing by using Granola today!

Granola works on all NT version of Windows. Additionally, users can install the Linux version of Granola here.


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Thanks a lot for this.

Imran K

Glad to help out! =)


Nice article


Installed already.

lets make the world a better place!


Installed already.

lets make the world a better place!!!

Imran K

Couldn’t have agreed more!

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